FAQs about BigCommerce

Setting up BigCommerce

Can I connect multiple BigCommerce accounts to Brightpearl?

Yes, each separate BigCommerce account would be integrated with Brightpearl as a separate sales channel, allowing you to configure individual settings per store, as well as report on the sales separately.

Can I connect a foreign currency BigCommerce account to Brightpearl?

Yes you can, Brightpearl is fully multi-currency enabled and each store can be mapped to a currency.

Do I need to manually connect my products to BigCommerce?

No. As long as the SKUs are unique across the product catalog and match exactly in both systems, they will automatically link up.

Products and inventory

If I change my inventory levels in BigCommerce, will this update Brightpearl?

No, Brightpearl is the central inventory management system for all your integrated sales channels, so it controls inventory updates for your BigCommerce account.

Can I use bundles in BigCommerce?

Yes. Even though BigCommerce does not provide a bundle feature, a Brightpearl bundle can be connected to a product in BigCommerce by using the same SKU. The bundle availability from Brightpearl will be used to update the product in BigCommerce.

Can I import products from Brightpearl into BigCommerce?

No. There is no product publishing tool from Brightpearl to BigCommerce.

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