BigCommerce shipment updates

When items are shipped in Brightpearl the order will be updated in BigCommerce with details of the items in the shipment, the shipping method and the tracking reference.

Shipment updates from Brightpearl to BigCommerce are enabled by toggling the “Enable fulfillments” option in the BigCommerce app settings. 

Shipment update triggers

Shipments are sent to BigCommerce in near real-time when a goods out note or drop shipment notification is sent.

Shipment update features

Feature Supported?
Partial shipments (multiple shipments for one order) Yes

Items split to back order

(we recommend a status change)

Drop shipments Yes
Send updated shipping method (i.e. different from original order) Yes
Tracking reference sent to BigCommerce Yes
Shipment updates triggered from integrated shipping system Yes

Partial or split shipments

A shipment update will be sent to BigCommerce for each separate shipment made in Brightpearl.

Back orders

Back orders should not be used for BigCommerce orders. Instead, use advanced fulfillment to partially fulfill orders as the stock becomes available.

If items from the original order are split to a Brightpearl back order, those items will no longer be linked to the order in BigCommerce. This means that no shipment updates will be triggered and Brightpearl cannot update the order in BigCommerce with the shipment details.

Shipping method and tracking reference

The order shipping method is provided by the BigCommerce store and is assigned to the order in Brightpearl as long as a shipping method of the same name exists. If a different shipping method is used and assigned to the goods out note in Brightpearl, the shipment will show the shipping method name used on the goods out note in the shipment on BigCommerce.

Tracking references are entered against goods out notes in Brightpearl at the point the items are marked as packed. This might be added by an integrated shipping application. Any tracking reference entered will be uploaded to BigCommerce once that goods-out note is marked as shipped.

Mapping shipping methods

  1. Find the shipping method in BigCommerce you would like to map
  2. Log into Brightpearl and go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping methods
  3. Create a new shipping method, making sure the name matches the shipping method in BigCommerce word for word
  4. Save the shipping method in Brightpearl
  5. Log into BigCommerce and go to the Brightpearl app, then click "Save settings". 

If you find the shipping method isn't being applied to orders, try deleting the shipping method in Brightpearl and recreating it, ensuring it matches BigCommerce shipping method word for word. Do not copy and paste the name - instead, enter it manually. 

Shipping confirmation emails to customers

BigCommerce can be used to email shipping updates to customers directly. Alternatively, your shipping manager (e.g. Shipstation) may be able to send shipment updates. Ensure only one or the other is being used.


Once a drop-ship purchase order is marked as shipped in Brightpearl, the sales order will be updated as shipped too. 

Once the sales order is marked as shipped, it will tell BigCommerce to create a shipment with the relevant shipping method and tracking reference, if available.

To enter a tracking reference on drop-ship orders in Brightpearl, you will have to have the "When receiving an invoice on a drop-ship order, automatically mark the order as shipped?" option set to "No" under Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.

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