BigCommerce inventory updates

Brightpearl is able to sync inventory levels to BigCommerce by importing the on hand inventory levels from one, or multiple, Brightpearl warehouses.

Inventory update triggers

When on hand inventory levels change at the selected warehouse(s) in Brightpearl, Brightpearl sends an update to BigCommerce with the new quantities.

Brightpearl also triggers a nightly bulk synchronization to update all inventory, ensuring BigCommerce is kept up to date.


Inventory available at more than one warehouse can be used to set the availability on BigCommerce, but an order in Brightpearl can only manage allocations from a single warehouse.

However, orders can be fulfilled from multiple warehouses.

Brightpearl Automation can be configured to split shipments across warehouses automatically.

Bundle quantity

The quantity of a Brightpearl bundle will be sent to BigCommerce.

The bundle quantity is made up only of complete bundles within a warehouse.

A bundle is not considered on-hand if the components are available at separate Brightpearl warehouses, even if all those warehouses are being synchronized with BigCommerce.

Learn more about bundle availability here.

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