BigCommerce refunds and returns

The Brightpearl BigCommerce integration only supports store credit.

When an order is refunded by a retail buyer from the BigCommerce front end, and then processed as a store credit in the BigCommerce back end, a sales credit will be created in Brightpearl automatically against the original sales order. If it's processed in any other way, it will not be reflected in Brightpearl automatically.

Configuring the app to create sales credits

Make sure that you have configured your Brightpearl BigCommerce integration to handle automatic creation of sales credits from store credits. To do that, log into BigCommerce and go to Apps > Brightpearl, then click into the "Refunds" tab.

Enable and configure the following settings:

  • Create sales credits from returns
    • Enabling this setting will automatically create a sales credit in Brightpearl linked back to the original sales order once a store credit has been made in BigCommerce. 
  • Create refunds
    • Enabling this setting will automatically mark the sales credit created in Brightpearl as refunded once the store credit is processed in BigCommerce. Switching this off means that a user would need to mark orders as refunded in both systems. This can be used as a helpful reconciliation step to verify accurate refunding.
  • Receive inventory back into stock
    • This setting determines if items are automatically received against the sales credit upon issuing the store credit. This can be used if you wait until items are received before issuing a store credit in BigCommerce.
  • Returned stock location
    • The returned stock location will determine if the item is received back into the item’s default location in the default stock allocation warehouse or into inventory in transit to be quarantined.

Workflow for automatic creation of sales credits in Brightpearl

Customer initiates the return from BigCommerce's front end

If you as a merchant have allowed returns, then a customer can opt to return one or more items from a shipped order, providing information about the reason for the return.

On selecting "return items" against the order, the customer can fill in:

  • how many of each item on the order will be returned
  • a reason for the return
  • return actions to indicate whether they would like a replacement, refund or store credit.

In order to  automatically create a sales credit in Brightpearl, the customer will need to select "store credit" as a return action. 


Viewing the return request

Once the customer has submitted the form, you will see the return request in the BigCommerce admin dashboard through a notification. Alternatively, you can go to Orders > Return request.

Processing the return request

On viewing the return request, you can select an appropriate action by updating the status of any given return request as well as selecting a possible action to initiate against an individual request. To raise store credit, change the status to "Items Refunded":


Then select Actions > "Issue Store Credit".


Sales credit is created

Issuing the store credit in BigCommerce will create a sales credit in Brightpearl, linked to the original sales order. 

Receiving items back into stock

If you have configured your settings to receive items back into stock automatically, the goods will be received in to the specified location. Otherwise, you'll need to receive the inventory into stock manually.

Processing other refunds

If you do not wish to issue store credit to customers, you will need to manage your returns manually.

The refund process can be initiated in BigCommerce, then handled in Brightpearl by cloning the sale to credit and processing a refund and receiving the inventory.

Learn more about manual creation of a store credit in Brightpearl here.

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