BigCommerce payments

Payments received through BigCommerce will be created in Brightpearl.

The order payment in Brightpearl will note the gateway that collected that payment and the transaction code from that gateway. BigCommerce payment gateways can be mapped to Brightpearl payment methods in the Payments tab of the app.


Payment methods will need to be mapped within the Brightpearl BigCommerce app.

Payment download triggers

Payments are created in Brightpearl in near real time.

Payment types

The following payment types will be used in Brightpearl:

BigCommerce Brightpearl
Purchase Receipt
Authorization Auth
Capture Capture
Void Void
Settled Receipt

Payment currency

When a payment downloads into Brightpearl, it will be created in the BigCommerce store's default currency. The payment currency will always match the order currency. Where the payment currency is different from Brightpearl's base currency, the payment will be considered a foreign currency transaction and all the necessary conversions will be carried out for accounting purposes.

Payment exchange rate

The exchange rate applied to a foreign currency payment will be the same as the order. This means that there will be no exchange rate variance recorded between the sale and payment transactions.

Partial payments

Partial payments are supported. Each separate payment taken for an order in BigCommerce will be created in Brightpearl.

Auth and capture

When orders are shipped at the end of the day, you will need to go into BigCommerce and find all orders which are fulfilled but not paid. You can then use the BigCommerce batch process to capture payment. Captured payments will automatically download into Brightpearl. 

Custom payment methods

If an order is placed with a custom payment method such as "Cash on Delivery" or "On Account", no payment will be created in Brightpearl.

These payments will need to be processed directly within Brightpearl by allocating a payment against the order.

Payments taken after the order downloaded

Payments will download into Brightpearl in near real-time against the sales order.

Additional information captured for payments

The information captured on a payment includes:

  • Gateway name
  • Payment event (captured, auth, void, etc.)
  • Gateway transaction reference ID

This information can be viewed on the order payment in Brightpearl.

The supported gateways include:

  • 2checkout
  • Adyen
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bank Deposit
  • Braintree
  • Cheque
  • COD
  • Custom
  • First Data gge4
  • Gift Certificate
  • HPS
  • In-Store
  • Klarna
  • migs
  • Money Order
  • NMI
  • PayPal Express
  • PayPal Payments Pro US
  • PayPal Payments Pro UK
  • Plug-n-Pay
  • QBMS v2
  • Secure Net
  • Square
  • Store Credit
  • Stripe
  • Test Gateway
  • USA epay

Support for PayPal and Amazon Pay

To help support a wider range of payment methods, the Brightpearl BigCommerce app will first attempt to download a payment transaction, but if no payment is found it will check the order for a payment method and use that information to create a payment in Brightpearl instead.

The benefit of the payment download is that more payment gateway information can be captured in Brightpearl, but looking back to the order means Brightpearl orders will always be marked as paid where payment was taken, no matter what the payment method.

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