Configuring the Brightpearl BigCommerce app

The Brightpearl BigCommerce app is made up of the following tabs:

  • General
  • Inventory
  • Prices
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Fulfillment
  • Payments
  • Refunds

All of the settings must be filled in to ensure order downloads and inventory updates work correctly.

General configuration


Store name in Brightpearl: Record the store name used in Brightpearl.

Gift message custom field: Select a custom field to map a gift message to Brightpearl. If no custom field is selected, order notes will be used. 

Go-live date: Enter the date and time after which orders should begin exporting from BigCommerce, in UTC. Note that once you set a date you can't move it backwards. You will be able to move it forwards, but not back. 

Inventory import configuration


Enable inventory updates: Check the box to activate inventory syncing. The app has two inventory update functions:

  • Real time update: Any time a product’s on hand inventory level is changed (e.g. when allocated to an order, transferred, received on a PO) in Brightpearl, it will push an update for that specific product in BigCommerce.
  • Nightly bulk sync: There is also a bulk sync where the inventory for every product is updated nightly, ensuring nothing is missed.

Stock availability warehouses: Select one or more warehouses to use for updating the availability in BigCommerce. 

Prices import configuration


Enable price updates: Check this option to allow Brightpearl to update and manage the store prices. This setting needs to be enabled to make use of the rest of the price settings. Prices are synchronized nightly.

Product price list: This setting maps to the "Default price" in BigCommerce. Select the Brightpearl price list for standard pricing.

Retail price list: This setting maps to the the "MSRP price" in BigCommerce. Select the Brightpearl price list to map to the MSRP price.

Sale price list: This setting maps to the "Sale price" in BigCommerce. Select the Brightpearl price list to be mapped to the sale price.

Customers configuration


Price List: Select the price list to assign to new customers created through the integration. This setting is strictly for reporting purposes. Brightpearl will respect the pricing from BigCommerce on each order.

Maintain Brightpearl contact data: Checking this box will prevent updates being made to existing account data in Brightpearl. If it's checked, orders will display the correct addresses as per their corresponding BigCommerce order, but they will not be written back to a client’s CRM record.

When this setting is deselected, the customer contact record will be updated to the name on the newest order and new addresses will be added to the account.

Capture company name: Checking this checkbox would allow the connector to capture the company name and link newly registered customers who specify a company name to any existing Brightpearl contacts with the same company name. You can also select what company names you want the connector to ignore. 

Primary contact address on order: This option will dictate which address and contact information is used on an order's primary address in Brightpearl.

Order export configuration



Enable order downloads: Checking this box allows BigCommerce orders to be downloaded into Brightpearl.

Download pending orders: Check the box to download BigCommerce "Pending" orders into Brightpearl. Pending orders can then be updated using the "order status mapping" functionality.

BigCommerce channel: Select the Brightpearl channel to assign to orders from this BigCommerce store.

Default shipping method: Select the default shipping method to be set on orders downloaded from this store.

Note: If the shipping method in BigCommerce corresponds to the name of a shipping method in Brightpearl, that shipping method will be used instead. The names must be an exact match.

Allocation warehouse: Choose the Brightpearl warehouse to use for the allocation of stock against BigCommerce orders.

New order status: Select a default sales order status to use for new orders from BigCommerce where their status is not already mapped.

Deleted order status: Select a default order status for any orders that are deleted in BigCommerce

Order status mapping: Use the mapping options to match order statuses between BigCommerce and Brightpearl. For each pair of statuses, the direction of the mapping can be specified to be:

  • from BigCommerce to Brightpearl
  • from Brightpearl to BigCommerce
  • bidirectional

Fulfillment configuration


Enable fulfillments: Check the box to enable fulfillment updates of orders from Brightpearl to BigCommerce. When an order is shipped in Brightpearl, with this setting enabled, it will send a shipping update including any tracking information to BigCommerce.

Fulfillment supports partial fulfillment from Brightpearl to BigCommerce.

Payments configuration


Enable payment sync: Check the box to allow payments to be synced between the platforms.

Record payments with no status as captured in Brightpearl: Some payment methods in BigCommerce do not provide a payment status (such as "Authorized", "Captured", "Void", etc.) - for example, when the method only supports successful capture.

Enable this setting if you would like these payments to be recorded as "Captured" in Brightpearl. If disabled, these orders will be shown as unpaid in Brightpearl and should be reconciled manually.

This only affects a small number of BigCommerce's payment providers.

Default payment method for payments: Select a default payment method to use for payments that do not use a mapped payment method. 

Payment method mapping: Map BigCommerce payment methods to the corresponding payment method in Brightpearl.

Refunds configuration


Create sales credits from returns: Check this box to allow sales credits to be created for orders via this store.

Create payments for sales credits: Check this box to allow payments for sales credits to be downloaded from the store.

New sales credit status: Select the Brightpearl sales credit status to use for new sales credits.

Receive items back in stock from returns: Check this to automatically add inventory from returns back into stock.

Returned stock location: Specify the location for returned stock (default or quarantine).

Payment method mapping: Map BigCommerce payment methods to the corresponding payment method in Brightpearl for use with refunds.

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