New features in Brightpearl WMS

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced for Brightpearl WMS. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

February 2020 | Transfers optimization

Last month we released the new Transfers module. This month we’ve added a few small additions and optimisations to make sure your transfers are as seamless as possible.

Reduce transfer quantities to match availability

When you’re configuring transfers, it’s possible to set transfer quantities that exceed the availability at the source - especially when you’re using functions to set quantities. This new feature will reduce the quantities against any red lines at a destination until they’re within the stock levels available.

Account for inventory in transit when calculating transfer quantities

This optional variation on the Meet Minimum Stock Level function lets you take into account any inventory that’s on it’s way to a destination when calculating the quantity to transfer.

Ability to filter out products with 0 on hand at source

You might not want to add products to a transfer if you currently have none available to ship from the source warehouse. This feature lets you choose whether or not to add products with an On Hand level of 0 to the transfer.

January 2020 | Inventory Transfers module

WMS’ new Transfer module builds on Brightpearl's existing transfers functionality by providing a more intuitive configuration interface, and by offering a higher level of functionality, such as

  • Intelligent assigning of quantities based on current levels and reorder points
  • Better overview of inventory levels at the source and destination warehouses
  • The ability to add products to transfers by scanning the product barcodes
  • The option to bypass the goods out / receipt processes
  • Configuring transfers to several warehouses simultaneously

Warehouse transfers is a feature that needs to be turned on by Brightpearl staff so contact our support team or your account manager if you’d like to have the module activated.



January 2020 | Custom fields on product pages and previews

You can now add custom fields to product pages and previews to allow your warehouse staff to view product information important to your business - unlocking your own particular workflows and enabling WMS users to make informed decisions on the fly.



December 2019 | Inventory Movements

It’s now possible record movements of inventory from one location to another via the product page. Use the In Stock or On Hand boxes to open the modal where you can adjust or move inventory - we’ve updated the design of the whole modal, and have added the Move Stock link. Clicking it will open a new panel where you can enter a destination and set a quantity to move.


December 2019 | Picking exceptions modal refresh

WMS users are able to override allocations made by Brightpearl according to FIFO by selecting an alternative location from which to pick items. We’ve made a few changes to the modal to bring it up to date, including a progress bar, clearer categorisation of locations, and the ability to overtype quantities.


August 2019 | Undo Actions

It's now possible to unprint, unpick, unpack or even delete goods out notes from WMS using the new Undo Actions feature. The actions can be applied to single or multiple goods out notes from the Goods Out > Notes list, or to a whole batch from the batches list.

To use them, select the goods out note (or batch) from the list, find 'Undo actions' under the 'More actions' menu, and select the actions you'd like to perform.


Don't forget to post a note or change the status of the parent orders if you need to, using the Update Orders function in the Goods Out > Notes list.

August 2019 | Use bin numbers to keep goods out notes separated

You may already be using the Order ID to separate products in a batch as you pick them.  Now you can take this a step further by using the bin number instead of an order number. WMS will assign a sequential 'bin' number to each goods out note in a batch, meaning it's easier to differentiate between goods out notes, and there's no need to relabel your trolley each time you pick a batch. 


Activate the feature under Settings > Goods out by choosing whether to reveal the order number, bin number, or both when processing batches.  You can also add the bin number to the packing screen from the same settings page by opening Configure Summary Notes and selecting Bin number.  Finally, you can add the bin number to the Batches > Pack list screen using the Configure and Export function there.


May 2019 | Order reference filter for goods out notes

It's now possible to filter your goods out notes by the order reference as well as by the order ID, meaning that you can search using your goods out notes using your customer-facing order references.  Just enter the reference or ID into the field labelled 'Order ID / reference' and apply your filter.  If you only enter part of the reference, WMS will include all the matching results.


You can also add the order reference in as a column in the goods out notes list using 'Configure & Export' under More Actions.

March 2019 | Handle transferred goods-out and goods-in

You can now process your warehouse transfers through the Goods out and Deliveries modules in WMS. We've also added "Transfer" as an order type filter option on the listing page so that you can find and prioritize transfer shipments as you need to.

January 2019 | Blind returns

Returned goods can now be received in WMS even if the sales credit hasn't yet been created in Brightpearl back office. This saves time having to log into Brightpearl to create the credit or contacting someone who can do this for you. To process a blind return in WMS, go to deliveries and create a new return, select the original order, then scan the items and set custom fields if you’d like to. When you’re done a sales credit is created in Brightpearl and all the stock movements are handled too.


January 2019 | Rejecting over received items

When too many items or different items than expected are received for a purchase order, WMS would previously simply allow you to receive those items and add them into stock. If you prefer to reject these items it now possible to control this will a new setting which will then allow only the ordered items from being received. Find the new setting in Brightpearl WMS at Settings > Deliveries.


December 2018 | Bundle display on packing lists

A new setting in WMS allows you group items which are part of a bundle. This allows the packer to see all the items of the bundle together in a simplified view.

A second setting means you can make it mandatory that all the components of the bundle are packed one after the other. This is useful when assembling products at point of shipping, for example, a first aid kit which is made up of a bandage, a dressing, cleansing wipes and a first aid box. The packer will need to scan and pack all those items before moving on to the rest of the order.


Activate these options in WMS at Settings > Goods out:



July 2018 | Capture custom fields during pick/pack/ship

We’ve added the ability to set sales order custom fields from within Brightpearl WMS. This means that you can now view and capture any additional information during your pick, pack, ship workflow. You can perform this as part of the individual goods-out note workflow, or when processing goods-out notes in batches.

Select which of your custom fields should be made available in Brightpearl WMS at Settings > Goods out > Custom fields for packing.



June 2018 | Delivery Date as a column on GONs

In March the ability to filter goods-out notes by product category was added. To improve on that report further the delivery date can now be added as a column in the goods-out note listing.

June 2018 | Filter presets

Brightpearl WMS introduces preset filters for creating custom views. This allows you to save the lists you frequently use as part of your tasks and workflows. For example, create a preset filter for each shipment priority:


June 2018 | Improved tablet experience with collapsible action menus

If you're using Brightpearl WMS on a small screened device the action menus will automatically become dropdown lists to save space and provide a cleaner view.


May 2018 | Goods-out note filter for product category

To help with prioritizing shipments which contain certain items, the goods-out notes page in Brightpearl WMS now has a new filter for ‘contains products’. This allows you to view only goods-out notes which contain products from specific categories.


May 2018 | Order IDs included on picking lists

Brightpearl WMS processing screens now have a new column available which will display order IDs. This is the first step towards custom columns in Brightpearl WMS. This particular column is useful if you sort as you pick, providing an on screen reference to each order they are picking them items for. To include this column, log into Brightpearl WMS and go to Settings > Goods-out.

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