New features for Shopify

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced for Shopify. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

October 2022 | Shopify order download delay

Ordinarily, orders are captured from Shopify immediately once they're placed. However, on occasion there may be reasons to want to delay the order download, e.g. to give a third party application the opportunity to perform a fraud check.

To mitigate any issues, the integration provides an option to delay the order creation:

Choose between no delay, a 2 minute delay and a 5 minute delay.

Note that inventory in Brightpearl will be allocated against a delayed order once the order drops into Brightpearl. Please consider how this could impact inventory allocation across sales channels before enabling.

August 2019 | Shopify multi-currency 

Shopify users can now allow consumers to check out in their local currency. Brightpearl will get foreign currency orders, payment authorizations and payment captures, returns and refunds from Shopify and create them in Brightpearl in the foreign currency. Read more about this feature here.

July 2019 | Shopify shipping carrier mapping

Shopify offers merchants the ability to add tracking information to orders so that consumers can track their order’s progress without having to call the merchant.

Shopify uses a combination of ‘Tracking carrier’ and ‘Tracking Reference’ and produces tracking URL that will take consumers to the carrier’s website with the tracking reference filled in already so that they can track the parcel’s progress without having to type anything in. 

Brightpearl now allows merchants to map Shopify shipping carriers to Brightpearl shipping methods so that correct carrier-specific fulfillment information is sent to Shopify.

A new setting called “Shipping carrier mapping” can be found under the Fulfillments tab in the Shopify connector. 


Map Shopify shipping carriers to active Brightpearl shipping methods by selecting options from the dropdown lists. One shipping method can be mapped to a single carrier, but one carrier can be a part of multiple shipping method mappings

To map a Shopify-supported carrier that’s not on the list, select “Other” and enter the name of the carrier in the appeared field. Shopify shipping carrier name must be an exact match to carrier names in Shopify documentation. See the list of supported shipping carriers here. If you enter a carrier that is not supported by Shopify, Shopify will process it incorrectly. 

Shopify will generate a tracking URL automatically. 

January 2019 | Capture company name on contacts

Up until now all contacts created via the Shopify order download have been created without a company name. Now you can choose whether to capture the company name and when company name should be ignored, for example, if the customer has entered a company name of "None" or "Mr". This enables you to still capture the data but prevents contacts getting linked to companies when they shouldn't be. Enable contact company name in the Brightpearl Shopify app under order settings.


September 2018 | Support for Shopify multi-location inventory

Shopify has begun rolling out their new multi-location inventory feature. Brightpearl’s connector fully supports the multi-location. You are now able to map Brightpearl warehouses to Shopify locations for inventory, fulfillment and allocation. This means that you can assign allocation warehouses in Brightpearl based on where an item is truly located.

You will need to map your Shopify locations to Brightpearl warehouses within the Brightpearl Shopify app inventory settings.


If you do not have multi-location switched on in your Shopify account, contact your account rep at Shopify.

June 2018 | Cart attribute mapping

Shopify allow you to create cart attributes which are custom fields used for collecting additional information from customers when they checkout, such as gift messages. To bring those additional details into Brightpearl the Shopify cart attribute can be mapped to a Brightpearl sales order custom field. And if the attribute isn't mapped it will get captured in the Brightpearl order notes.

To set up attribute mapping log into Shopify and navigate to the order settings in the Brightpearl app. Enter the Shopify attribute field name and specify which Brightpearl custom field the information should be captured in.


May 2018 | Shopify POS order fulfillment status respected

The Shopify connector now respects the fulfillment status of POS orders. If Shopify POS is set to place orders as unfulfilled, they will download to Brightpearl as unfulfilled.

May 2018 | Additional information captured for payments

The Shopify connector will now capture additional payment information in Brightpearl:

  • Shopify order ID
  • Payment gateway name
  • Gateway transaction reference

May 2018 | Refunds for items not yet shipped

The Shopify app can be configured to create sales credits and refunds in Brightpearl when a return is processed in Shopify. If the order hasn't yet been shipped in Brightpearl though the order can simply be cancelled. If the Shopify app is configured to handle returns then it will now mark the original sale as unpaid using a reversal. The Brightpearl order can also be moved to a cancelled status by using the order status mapping in the Shopify app.

May 2018 | Stability improvements

Updates to the product and order download have helped to improve reliability and ensure updates are successfully received by Shopify.

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