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March 2018 - Handling orders from resellers

Available in M2 extension version: 2.2.0

Available in M1 extension version: coming soon!

If your Magento orders are generally placed by a reseller you will see all orders created against the reseller contact in Brightpearl. On the order recorded though, it will have the reseller as the billing name and address but the end customer as the delivery name and address.

One of the features of the Magento integration is that changes to customer details are recorded on the contact in Brightpearl, but in the case of a reseller, we don't generally want this to happen. To ensure the reseller details are maintained on the contact in Brightpearl, use the Export Order Interaction settings to configure the extension so that it doesn't update contact details:


February 2018 - New fields for customization mapping on orders and customers

We've made some changes to which Brightpearl fields can be updated from Magento. This means that for all Magento extension versions which have the customization mapping configuration, it is now possible to capture new information, as follows.

You can now capture the following details in customer record by using the customization mapping:

  • Lead source
  • Telephone 2
  • Mobile
  • Trade status
  • Tax number coming soon!
  • Custom fields coming soon!

Along with delivery date and custom fields, you can now capture the following details in order records by using the customization mapping:

  • Lead source
  • Invoice address mobile
  • Delivery address mobile

Learn more about customization mapping

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