New features in POS

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced in POS. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

February 2022 | Credit limit check

When a customer is about to (or already has) exceed (exceeded) their credit limit, the current sale in POS cannot be paid with the option "Pay later". This can be overriden by a POS manager's authorization. All details can be found here.


September 2021 | Toggle tax on item row level

We have added the ability of removing the tax on item row level so that the basket options can cover your business and local requirements. Here's how to.

July 2021 |Confirmation messages when attempting to activate gift cards

POS informs you on the status of your gift card activation attempts by providing a list of all gift cards and whether the activation was successful or not.  You can find the whole process of selling gift cards in-store here.

July 2021 | Configurable payment methods for refunds

You can configure on a POS store level the payment methods available for refunds in Settings > "Refund Payment Methods".  Manager permissions are required. Find out more here.

May 2021 | Configurable cash drawer opening per payment method

In the Settings > Hardware > "Cash Drawer" you can configure which payment methods should allow the cash drawer to open and which not. Find out more here.


May 2021 | Simplified Settings > Hardware sections

The hardware sections with the information about setting up the devices that work with POS (printer, scanner, card readers) has been simplified and revamped for easier access and links to the Help Center articles for help.



May 2021 | Total discount checked, including unit price changes 

Every POS user can have a limitation as to what percentage of discount they can authorise. When a user applies a basket or line discount in POS, the total discount percentage applied is checked against his/her discount allowance to determine whether it's possible to proceed or another user (manager, supervisor) needs to approve of it. We have made an addition to this logic by also taking into account any unit price changes that the user makes to ensure that the total discount applied does not exceed their personal allowance.


May 2021 | Customer's last name made mandatory

In line with the latest requirements, when adding a new customer in POS, the last name is mandatory along with the first name and email address. This ensures that no issues arise when the basket is submitted to Brightpearl and the new customer is created. 

March 2021 | Cash drawer opening for cash payments only

The cash drawer now opens if POS receives a cash payment only, protecting access to the cash when any other payment method is used (e.g. card, store credit, gift card).

March 2021 | Buy Online - Return In Store

Brightpearl POS now includes the option to accept returns of items in any POS store, regardless of the original sales channel: purchases made in your online store, via your back office or in another POS store. The return process includes:

  • Locating the original sale from any sales channel
  • Selection of items that are returned and the respective quantities
  • Selection of the warehouse that each basket row will be returned to
  • Selection of the return reason for every basket row
  • Completion of the transaction by offering the available payment methods
  • Creating the Sales Credit in Brightpearl
  • Making necessary stock corrections in Brightpearl.



You can find more details about how this works in your POS and the available payment methods, here.

January 2021 | Brightpearl POS compliance with iPadOS 14

We have completed our investigation for identifying any possible incompatibility issues between Brightpearl POS and the latest version of iPadOS 14 and are happy to share that you can safely upgrade your iPadOS to version 14 while using the current and any future Brightpearl POS versions.

October 2020 | Creating a customer record anytime

POS 1.4.8

Instead of having to complete a transaction in order to add a new customer record to Brightpearl, you now can add a customer anytime by visiting "Add customer profile" > + > enter customer details > "Save".


Once you are ready with the information and hit "Save", the customer's record is automatically created in Brightpearl. 



October 2020 | Creating a customer record with a tax code and looking up the customer's tax code

POS 1.4.8

While creating a new customer in POS, you now can specify their tax code.


When their record is created in Brightpearl, their tax code will be part of the financial information stored in their profile.


That same information is also available in POS once a customer is added to a transaction.

October 2020 | Applying a customer's tax code

POS 1.4.8

When you add a customer to the basket, their tax code is automatically applied to the items in the basket.tax1.png


Find out more about applying a customer's tax code

October 2020 | Configuring the main screen with pinned category tiles

POS 1.4.8

You can configure your main POS screen to have pinned tiles of categories that you would like quick and easy access to. 


Find out more about customizing pinned categories on the main screen.

March 2020 | Square integration

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate Square payments with Brightpearl POS. See how you can set up Square in the back office here and how to set up your card reader here.

March 2020 | Loyalty and Gift Cards - Integration with Voucherify

POS 1.4.2

Brightpearl POS is enriched with Loyalty and Gift cards functionality. In addition to the existing POS feature set, your customers can buy and spend gift cards, enrol to loyalty programs, earn and redeem loyalty points to pay for their purchases as well as get refunded into gift cards.

Your customers can also earn points from online sales channels. The loyalty and gift cards integration enables you to produce and distribute promotional codes and vouchers for your online sales, too.

You can find out about this integration with Voucherify and all the features offered here.

Customer's loyalty profile on POSv23__1_.png

Enrolling a customer to a loyalty program without a physical card

Activating gift cards during the POS sale

Receiving payment by gift and loyalty cards

March 2020 | Staff login by scanning their barcode

POS 1.4.2

Brightpearl POS now has the extended functionality that allows your staff members to log into the app without searching for their login thumbnail and tapping on it - instead they just scan their barcode and their passcode is ready to be tapped in.The staff barcode consists of the staff member’s Brightpearl id.
In order for the barcode to be read by the scanners supported currently by POS, it has to be generated following the “Code 128” protocol.


December 2019 | PayPal Here fixes

POS 1.3.7

POS includes fixes to two PayPal Here issues, the signature window moving while the customer's signature is being captured and the PPH reader shown as "forgotten" by iPad Bluetooth connection and disconnected.

October 2019 | PayPal Here upgrade to SDK 2

POS 1.3.2
PayPal Here is now upgraded to SDK 2, practically meaning improved performance and added features, as well as a smooth collaboration with the latest firmware for your PayPal Here card readers. During the processing of your first transaction with PayPal Here in this POS version you will be prompted to upgrade your PPH card reader. Additionally, you can take advantage of the enhanced UI for emailing customer receipts for all PPH payments.

October 2019 | USAePAY integration

POS 1.3.1


Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate USAePAY with Brightpearl POS. See how you can set up USAePAY in the back office here and how to set up your card reader here.

October 2019 | Upgrades to comply with iOS 13

POS 1.3.1

This POS version includes adjustments that enable the app to run smoothly with the changes in iOS 13.

October 2019 | BOPIS: notification when the quantity to ship is not available on hand

POS 1.3.1

This feature is here to notify the user when they try to ship a quantity that is no longer available on hand while additionally providing the actual quantity on hand at that time. More about BOPIS can be found here


October 2019 | Advanced fulfilment: Ability to set all combinations of delivery method, shipment fee and delivery date

POS 1.3.1

It is now possible to add a shipping charge and a wished delivery date to a sale via Advanced Fulfilment even when you have not selected a delivery method and/or when all items are set to be fulfilled now. Additionally, you can select a delivery method even when the delivery charge is 0.

October 2019 | Fix to access all available warehouses in the product inventory tab

POS 1.3.1


POS user interface has been improved to allow access to the complete list of warehouses in the product inventory tab in case there are more than 4 warehouses set up.

September 2019 | Omnichannel Buy Online Pick up In Store (BOPIS) - Click and Collect

POS 1.3.0

You can now fulfil in-store orders placed in any of your channels (marketplaces, webstores, mail and phone orders) using the BOPIS functionality. The “Sales Search” in POS is now upgraded to include all Brightpearl orders (omnichannel) so you can look them up and mark any selection of the item rows as shipped providing your customers with a truly seamless omnichannel experience and increasing your in-store sales. Find out more here.


*Please note that we have experienced some health issues on non-POS orders that might show different pricing when downloaded at POS only when they include discounts - this is being fixed and does not cause any issues to the BOPIS functionality whatsoever-.

September 2019 | POS sales automatic invoicing configuration

POS 1.3.0

Brightpearl POS settings on store level now include the option to set the automatic sales invoicing to ON or OFF. If the invoicing is off, the POS sales are downloaded into Brightpearl but not automatically invoiced.

July 2019 | Promotions and discounts

POS 1.2.4

Applying all types of promotions and discounts now works perfectly - all related bugs reported have been addressed. Try it out!


July 2019 | Long pressing on the product tile to open modal

POS 1.2.4

If you have experienced delays when trying to open the product modal by long pressing on the product tile, try this version of POS - we’ve fixed everything about it.


July 2019 | Price breaks

POS 1.2.4

In continuation to June’s release, price breaks are now fully enabled taking into account the total item quantity across your entire basket. If your store’s default price list contains price breaks or the added customer’s price list does, the prices in your basket will be updated automatically depending on the total basket quantity.  Learn more at Discounts and price breaks application in POS.


July 2019 | "Hardware” section revamp

POS 1.2.4

We have rewritten the instructions in the Settings > Hardware section for every device you need to connect to your POS,  focusing on step-by-step descriptions and details that do make a difference. Bonus: the direct links to the Helpcentre pages for more details.




July 2019 | New receipt format for reprints

POS 1.2.4

When a receipt is reprinted (for a refund, gift receipt, or just reprinted) the receipt header contains the word REPRINT and the sale date and time is mentioned as well as the reprint date and time.


July 2019 | Total sales amount at the sale complete screen

POS 1.2.4

We have added the total sales amount at the sale complete screen to help cashiers check the final amount and the change as well as read back to customer.


June 2019 | Price breaks

POS 1.2.2

Price breaks per item row are now fully enabled. If your store’s default price list contains price breaks or the added customer’s price list does, the prices in your basket will be updated automatically depending on the row quantity.
Learn more at Discounts and price breaks application in POS.


June 2019 | Customer price lists and discounts

POS 1.2.2

Adding a customer to the sale activates the options to use their price list and apply their profile discount as well as to revert to the store price list and remove the customer discount at any time. The customer’s price breaks are also fully enabled. Look out for the icons next to the customer’s name to see what’s in their profile - different price list, discount or both!
Find out more at Applying customer profile price lists and discounts.



June 2019 | Customer custom fields

POS 1.2.2

The customer custom fields, as set up and populated in Brightpearl back office, are now displayed at the customer modal.

May 2019 | Advanced fulfilment

As part of the omnichannel and endless-aisle initiatives, Brightpearl POS now supports the ability to take orders that are to be fulfilled from warehouses external to the local store as well as mark items to be back-ordered.

  • Advanced Fulfilment modal with an option to deliver later and back order.
  • Inventory lookup to every warehouse selected for POS and automatic stock recalculation based on the selected fulfilment method.
  • Line’s quantity splitting into two lines in order to handle each new line with a different fulfilment method.
  • Selection of customer/address, shipping method, delivery date and shipping charges.
  • Fulfilment summary at checkout with the option to make its confirmation mandatory (confirmation with the customer).
  • Automatic stock allocation when items are fulfilled now or booked to be shipped later.
  • Automatic record of sales with delivery preferences back into Brightpearl.

Learn more about advanced fulfilment


May 2019 | Adyen now available for use with POS

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate Adyen with Brightpearl POS.

See how you can set up Adyen in the back office here and how to set up your card reader here.

May 2019 | Location detail

The product's inventory tab now contains the warehouse location(s) for all connected warehouses.


December 2018 | iZettle now available for use with POS

Using Brightpearl Payments, it's now possible to integrate iZettle with Brightpearl POS.

Learn more

October 2018 | POS promotions and discount codes

You are now able to create offers in POS. This allows discounts and promotions to be created and automatically applied to sales when the conditions are met. For example, buy 2 and get $5 off.


Learn more about POS discount codes and promotions

September 2018 | Add products to POS stores by category

Brightpearl allows you to manage numerous product ranges under one or more business names. This means that some products will be sold in one POS store but not in another. Now you can choose which products will be added to each of your POS stores by selecting the relevant product categories. Find this new control in Brightpearl at Settings > Brightpearl POS > Store settings, edit the POS store and choose all the relevant categories under Active Products.


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