New features in Products and Inventory

This is where you can read about all the features we've introduced in Products and Inventory. We will be continuously updating this page with any new features added. You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

August 2020 | MPN field length increased

The MPN field on a product record, i.e. the manufacturer's part number, was previously limited to a maximum of 14 characters. Knowing that many of you have suppliers with much longer part numbers, we've now increased the max. length to allow up to 100 characters.

February 2019 | Add bundles to warehouse transfers

To speed up creating warehouse to warehouse transfers you are now able to lookup or scan a bundle. Selecting a bundle for a warehouse transfer will add all the separate components in the relevant quantities at once, instead of having to add them manually. Brightpearl still considers all these items as individually stocked products so on the receiving side you will continue to manage the individual components.

January 2019 | Set product type on imported products

It's not possible to specify the product type on the products import. Previously the product type had to be updated after importing the products, using the batch processing. This makes creating new products much faster! You will find the "product type" available as a column to add on the data map. Some things you should know:

  • The product types must already exist in Brightpearl before the import
  • The any options on the product must be associated with the product type being assigned

January 2019 | Zero all suggested quantities on the low inventory report

If you're using the low inventory report for ordering stock you will see that Brightpearl provides recommended order quantities using the reorder quantity and minimum stock level set on each product. You can now clear all the recommended order values and enter your own.


September 2018 | Ability to sort on more columns of the inventory detail report

We've added the ability to sort on more columns of the inventory detail report. You can now also sort by:

  • Price
  • Date received
  • Total
  • PO reference
  • Product ID

March 2018 | Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs) and GTIN labels

Once set up, Brightpearl can automatically generate GTINs for products. A GTIN can be 8, 12, 13 or 14 digits. Brightpearl will use a combination of the provided company number and product number and a system generated digit to produce unique GTINs.

Once a product has a GTIN (saved in the EAN field) it can be used for producing barcode labels.


Read more about GTINs

March 2018 | Additional details recorded for stock corrections

When a stock correction is made (manually or using inventory import), it will record all of the following information on the inventory audit trail and the resulting accounting journal:

  • Inventory movement ID
  • Reason
  • Type
  • Product ID
  • Date and time
  • User name

These details allow you to search for a trace stock corrections through inventory and accounting.

Read more about stock corrections



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