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This is where you can read about any updates we've introduced for eBay. We'll update this page with any new features added, as well as any news you should be aware of.

You can also learn about all our new features in the release notes updates that we regularly email.

May 2022 | Migration to the new Bulk Inventory API and authorization process

eBay are decommissioning their APIs related to bulk inventory updates. The types of bulk inventory updates from Brightpearl to eBay affected are both the manually triggered and the scheduled overnight. No impact is expected on the real-time single inventory updates made as the stock level changes.

We have now completed the work on the transition to the new eBay API as well as the latest authorization method to ensure our integration continues to work for you with the lowest possible impact.

What do I need to do?

You just have to make sure that you have run the process of Bulk Inventory updates at least once before May 31st, 2022. You can find out more here.

March 2022 | eBay is changing its certificate authority

eBay has announced it will be changing its certificate authority from DigiCert to Sectgo on April 30th 2022.

The Brightpearl connector has been tested to confirm it will continue to work with the new certificate authority.

August 2020 | eBay Managed Payments 

Previously eBay only accepted PayPal payments and Brightpearl was only able to capture PayPay transactions. But last year eBay announced that they will release eBay managed payments program and migrate all merchants over to this program by the end of 2020. Read more here.

eBay is taking over payment processing, which means when a buyer makes a purchase, they will pay eBay instead of the seller, and then eBay will disburse funds to sellers. Brightpearl is now ready to accept eBay managed payments. When an order payment downloads, the order will get marked as paid in Brightpearl. 
To learn more about this feature check out this article

June 2018 | Option to delay order download until checkout is complete

We are introducing the option to only download eBay orders once checkout is complete, this happens when a payment is received (include part payments and cash on delivery). This means that Brightpearl will capture only the most up to date information on the order and download the final version of items into a single order. This will help to ensure items for the same customer are shipped together where they have committed to buy multiple items separately. Turn on this option within the eBay channel settings at Channels > eBay > Settings.


Leaving this option unchecked will mean no changes to the way the eBay order download currently works, which is downloading orders as soon as the customer commits to buy an item, even if they have't yet paid. This ensures that stock is reserved as soon as possible but can result in multiple orders being created where the customer purchases multiple items (using commit to buy over add to basket). Read more about downloading eBay orders

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