FAQs about Brightpearl WMS


How often is information updated between Brightpearl and Brightpearl WMS?

Product, order and goods-note information is updated live, and system data is updated in bulk overnight.

Is it possible to view changes made to Brightpearl by Brightpearl WMS?

Changes made to Brightpearl by Brightpearl WMS (Warewolf) will always have comments to that effect in the details field, so searching the general ledger for “Warewolf” will isolate those changes.


How does Brightpearl WMS work with shipping integrations?

Most shipping integrations will allow you to specify at which step in your process shipping labels will be generated. We generally recommend that you configure your shipping integrations to use the status 'packed' to initiate this to avoid process overlap. When you mark a goods-note as Packed in Brightpearl WMS it automatically updates Brightpearl, and Brightpearl in turn updates the shipping integration.

Why isn't the product table isn’t showing up on my templates?

We have a few legacy widgets (for example _packingProducts_) that were superseded by _productTable_. There may be a few of these widgets still in use on older templates. You can replace these widgets with _productTable_, or create new templates.


Do I need to add barcodes to my locations in Brightpearl in order to print location barcode labels?

It’s possible to print barcodes to be used at your physical warehouse locations direct from Brightpearl. If you already have a standardized naming convention for your locations you will want to specify the code that you print.  You can specify a barcode for a location by navigating to Settings > Products / Inventory > Warehouse locations, clicking the Edit icon to the right of a location and entering a code into the field ‘Barcode (optional)’. You can then print these codes to be used at your physical warehouse locations.

If however you have not yet specified a code, Brightpearl will generate a code for you.  This code will take the format “LOC-[location ID]”, where [location ID] is the value shown in the “ID” column in the list of warehouse locations.

Goods out

What should I do if I’m picking a goods-out note and no stock is available?

If a discrepancy in inventory levels means that the stock you expected is not available you'll probably need to take some additional action to either acquire the stock or adjust the order. Add a comment against the line, park the pick list, and if the goods-out note is part of a batch, break it away from the batch.

Stock counts

How do I edit a stock count?

It's not possible to edit the conditions of a count once it's been created. Instead, clone the count and change the conditions before re-saving. The original count can be deleted if it isn't required any more.

Is it possible to isolate stock take discrepancies and resubmit them for verification?

A manager can partially accept a count by selecting some of the lines and selecting 'Accept' or 'Reject' as appropriate. Any lines that are not accepted will be broken away to a new count which can then be assigned to someone to verify.

I’ve counted stock, but some stock was sold during the stock take. Do I need to count again?

It is best to recount. Brightpearl WMS posts variance rather than absolute values back to Brightpearl. Since the stock levels taken are live, the variance that it calculates from a count will change relative to the live stock level. Referring to the recent sales or inventory audit trail can help identify which items may need a recount.

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