Warehouse location barcodes

Adding barcodes to the physical locations in a warehouse will allow staff to quickly feed location data back to the system, and eliminates the chances of human error.

Adding location barcodes to Brightpearl

Warehouse locations are managed under Settings > Products / Inventory > Warehouse locations. A barcode for a location can be specified by clicking the Edit icon to the right of the location and entering a code into the Barcode (optional) field.

Printing location barcodes

Labels with barcodes for users to scan when putting stock away, counting stock, or picking can be printed directly from Brightpearl.  From the list of warehouse locations, select the desired locations and click Print labels.


It's then possible to specify the printed page layout, the size and layout of each label, and the barcode format you would like to use.

I haven’t specified location codes. Can I still print barcodes?

The barcode that appears on the label will be the code that you have specified in the Barcode field against that location.  If however you have not yet specified a code, Brightpearl will generate a code for you.  This code will take the format “LOC-[location ID]”, where the location ID is replaced with the ID that you can see in the “ID” column in the list of warehouse locations. In the image above for example, the code that Brightpearl would generate for location B.1.A.2 would be “LOC-7”.

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