Printing payments reports

Printing a payments report

  1. Swipe from left to right to open the management menu
  2. Tap "Print payment report"
  3. Select the current payment report at the top of the list or scroll down to the report that you want to print
  4. Tap on the report to print

Payment report details

The payment report available on the register will include the following information:

  • The store’s receipt header details
  • Store name and the date the report was printed
  • The date and time that the register was opened
  • A summary of the cash transactions
    • Opening balance (also known as initial float)
    • Cash in
    • Cash out
  • Summary of sales
    • Tendered totals includes all positive value transactions including the transaction count
    • Refunded totals includes all negative value transactions including the transaction count
  • Totals
    • Expected total value taken during the trading session for each payment method
  • No sales 
    • Number of times that a no sale was performed and the cash drawer opened


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