Adding items to a basket

Once you have logged in, you'll be able to search or scan for products to add them to the basket. At the top left is the product search and search results will appear in the left hand pane. As you add products to the basket they will appear in the right hand pane.

Scanning barcodes

  • If you have scanner connected to your POS app then when you are in the basket screen scanning a basket will add the product if a valid barcode is scanned
  • When scanning a barcode the following fields are searched
    • SKU
    • Barcode
    • ISBN
  • If the barcode scanned is not found then an alert will pop up saying ‘No product found’

Searching for products

  • Tap on the ‘Search’ bar at the top left of the basket and the keyboard will present
  • Type in text that you want to search and the following fields will be searched
    • Product name
    • SKU
    • Barcode
    • ISBN
  • The search will accept non-exact strings so, for example, searching for ‘arctic gloves’ would return the product ‘Arctic Snow Globes’

Adding product directly to the basket or bringing up product details

  • As default the ‘Barcode’ icon on the left of the search bar will be grey (as the image below) and when a product is scanned it will be added to the basket

  • To view the product before adding it to the basket then tap the ‘Barcode’ icon on the left of the search bar in the basket screen so that it turns blue (as the image below)

  • When the product is scanned then the product tile will appear and the details of the products can be reviewed

Adding a miscellaneous item

  • Use the Misc (tax) and Misc (no Tax) buttons to add additional lines on to the sale.

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