Overview of Brightpearl POS

A mobile-ready Point Of Sale system for multichannel retailers

Full-featured Point of Sale

Our POS has been designed for growing retailers who put their customers first. Save time with integrated payment gateways, improve service with quick and easy order taking, and go the extra mile with returns and exchanges.

Download a full feature overview (PDF)

Download the iPad app and take a tour in our full featured demo store by searching for 'Brightpearl POS' in the Apple app store.

Unlock Omnichannnel

Brightpearl's POS system integrates with your CRM, order history, inventory and more giving you a truly omnichannel experience. With immediate access to all of your data in Brightpearl's POS, you’re able to complete any customer journey in-store.

Designed for Mobility

Brightpearl's Point of Sale system is designed for mobility, allowing you to take orders on the go, at trade shows or events.  Brightpearl POS also lets you take orders offline and syncs with your store when you get connected again.

Real time access to your inventory

With Brightpearl's Point of Sale System, you can quickly see exactly what’s in stock across all of your locations, meaning your team never have to second-guess, or turn sales away. Empower your team with a view on inventory across the entire business, and never miss a sale.

Real time insight into your store's performance

All of your stores feed customer and sales data immediately back to Brightpearl for reporting. With our integrated accounting software, you get real-time financial insight for your entire business - with Brightpearl you can understand the true performance and profitability of your store against all your other sales channels.

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