Online and offline functionality

Offline functionality

Your products and cashiers are held locally on the iPad so if your store connection goes down or you are at a retail show without a connection then you can continue to serve customers. If you are offline then your completed transactions will be queued up and sent back to the Brightpearl backoffice once you are back online.

Functions that you are able to do whilst offline:

  • Log on with the users/password based on the last update that the iPad received from the Brightpearl back office.
  • Search and scan for all products and add them to the basket.
  • Take payment using any non-integrated payment method such as cash.
  • Adding a new customer profile to the transaction. The new customer will be created when you are back online and the completed transaction have posted to the Brightpearl backoffice.

Online functionality

To ensure that your cashiers have got access to the latest information then certain functions need to access the Brightpearl backoffice such the up to date inventory on hand and assigning an existing customer.  

Functions that you are able to to only when online:

  • Adding an existing customer from Brightpearl
  • Viewing inventory on hand
  • Use an integrated payment device such as PayPal Here
  • Receive product and user updates
  • Receive updated store or receipt settings

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