Viewing and searching omnichannel sales history


The ‘Sales Search’ screen can be used to retrieve previous transactions from all your connected channels by either:

  • browsing through the list which is populated chronologically with the latest sales showing first
  • scanning the receipt barcode
  • searching for:
    • the receipt number
    • the order reference (same as the receipt number in POS sales)
    • the Brightpearl order id
    • the customer’s name, address, postcode/zipcode, email, phone number
    • the date range of the transaction.

The ‘Sales Search’ screen is accessible through the management menu which is accessed by swiping left to right on the basket screen. You can search for orders in Brightpearl by tapping the search option in the top left of the screen.


View the recent sales history

  • To access the sales history, swipe from left to right on the basket screen.
  • Tap ‘Sales Search’.
  • Your orders from Brightpearl will be listed on the left.
  • Selecting a completed basket on the left pane will show the details of the basket in the right pane.

Retrieve a sale by scanning a receipt barcode

  • To access the sales history, swipe from left to right on the basket screen.
  • Tap ‘Sales Search’.
  • Scan the barcode on the receipt.
  • The original basket will load into the sales detail screen.

Retrieve a sale by searching for the receipt number

  • To access the sales history, swipe from left to right on the basket screen.
  • Tap ‘Sales Search’.
  • Tap the ‘Receipt number’ option.
  • Type receipt number into the field.
  • The original basket will load into the sales detail screen as per the screenshot.


Retrieve a sale by searching for customer details

  • To access the sales history, swipe from left to right on the basket screen.
  • Tap ‘Sales Search’.
  • Tap the customer search option.
  • Type in any of the below customer details:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Company name
    • All Emails
    • All phone numbers.
    • All addresses. 
  • Select the transaction that you are looking for.


Search for orders that are pending sync

If you are online then your orders will be posted to Brightpearl back office once the order is completed. You can check for orders that have not synced yet by tapping the 'Pending Sync' option in 'Sales Search'. If you are online and there is still an order that hasn't been posted to Brightpearl and is marked as 'Failed to Sync' then log this issue with our Support team.


Sales history when offline

When offline, the sales taken on your iPad since installation are the only ones visible.  

Unsynced basket / “pending sync” list

If your order was completed but your iPad was offline when it was placed, it will be visible in the “Sales Search” along sales shown are only the ones taken in this device. When reconnected to the internet , the basket will be synced automatically within a few minutes.

Basket shown as synced after selecting ‘sync basket’

The basket sync status is “Completed” with a tick icon indicating that the manual sync action was successful (the left hand list remains unchanged until the filters are modified).


Basket which has failed to automatically sync

Automatic basket sync will be attempted 5 times when online. After that the sync is considered failed. You CAN and SHOULD attempt to re-sync the basket using the ‘sync to Brightpearl’ action as described above, but if that fails when you are definitely online, then contact Support, as it may be a data issue. The sync status is mentioned as “Order complete (sync failed - contact support)”.


Incomplete basket

If the application terminates mid-transaction (e.g. iPad running out of battery) then the incomplete basket will also appear in the ‘pending’ list, with a message indicating the last status. The sync status is mentioned as “Making payment (order incomplete - restore if required)”.


Actions that can be taken on an incomplete basket

The basket can be restored on the iPad, in which case it will return to the last known state. You can also send it to Brightpearl for it to be dealt with in the back end. 

Training mode menu option

When in training mode, any data modifications (e.g. created orders) are discarded when you exit the mode. There is a clear indicator that you are in training mode on the status bar. Receipts printed will have a “TRAINING” watermark applied.


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