Processing returns and exchanges, issuing refunds


Whenever a customer returns an item, whether they would like to exchange it or get a refund that is part of a basket or on its own, you can easily process it in POS.

If you have the original receipt number or details about the original transaction then you can search for the transaction in the “Sales Search” and generate a refund from the original transaction. The “Sales Search” contains all sales made through your Brightpearl channels but at the moment only the POS sales can be selected for a return, refund or exchange. This will link the refund back to the original order when it gets posted back to Brightpearl.


If you don't have the original transaction details you can still add a refunded product to the basket by making their quantity negative. However, you cannot currently process a refund (a sale with a total negative amount) via a card payment without linking it to the original sale, so in that case only cash or store credit would be the options to complete the refund payment to the customer. Should the sale contain one or more returned items while the total is a positive amount, the return/refund can be paid by card by the customer.

Products that are returned are automatically added back into stock. You can add a return reason to the product that is saved against the order as a reference. If a returned product is not available for re-sale then adjustments will be required in Brightpearl back office.

Refunding from an original transaction

  • Swipe left to right to access the management menu.
  • Tap 'Sales History'.
  • You can search for the receipt number (order reference), the order id, order reference, customer details or the transaction date as well as scan the receipt barcode for the transaction that you want to refund.
  • Tap the ‘More Options’ button at the top right of the screen (three blue dots).
  • Tap ‘Refund’.w2.png
  • Select the products and quantities that you want to refund.w3.png
  • Tap  ‘Create refund’ at the top right of the screen.
  • The products selected will be added to the basket along with the customer associated with the original transaction and any discount that was applied to the products. If the original transaction was not associated with a customer, the user will have to assign a customer if it’s configured in the back office to be mandatory.
  • You can now add further products to the basket prior to completing the transaction.
  • If the original transaction did not have an associated customer and you have set it as mandatory (in the back office settings) to have a customer associated to every basket that includes a return, then you need to add a customer profile.
  • Additionally, if you have set it as mandatory (in the back office settings) to have a return reason selected for every one of the returned items, you will need to tap on the triangle with the exclamation mark icon to select the return reason for all the items with negative quantities.w4.pngw5.png
  • Once all items from the original sale are in the basket with the correct quantities, you can proceed to complete the transaction with any of the possible scenarios:
    • Refund the customer without getting back the item(s) (eg damaged items that cannot be sold) - you can refund the original item’s price fully or partially (via tapping on the item and changing the unit price)w6.pngw7.png
    • Refund the customer fully while getting back the item(s) and not adding any items that the customer would like to buy insteadw8.png
    • Refund the difference between the item(s) returned and other item(s) purchased, if the purchased items cost lessw9.png
    • Complete a 0 amount transaction when the difference between the item(s) returned and the item(s) purchased, if they cost the samew10.png
    • Accept a payment from the customer when the difference between the item(s) returned and the item(s) purchased is positive.w11.png
  • If you want to cancel the refund at any point then tap 'Cancel refund' at the top right of the screen.

Adding a returned/refunded product into the basket

  • You can refund a product in any basket by tapping any product in the basket list.
  • Tap on the product in the basket and press the ‘+/-’ button to switch the quantity to negative.

  • Press ‘Update’ and the product will now be refunded in the basket.
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