POS-compatible hardware


The Brightpearl POS app can be run in any iPad supporting iOS 12 or above, as well as any iPad supporting iPadOS.

Thermal receipt printers

Brightpearl POS supports the following thermal receipt printers:

  • Star mPOP
  • Star TSP654IIBI Bluetooth
  • Star TSP143IIIBI Bluetooth

Note: We currently support only Bluetooth connected printers and not any of the USB lightning cable versions of the above.

These can be purchased online from retailers such as POS Hardware Ltd (in the UK) or ShopPOSPortal (in the US). 

You can find more information about how to set up your printer here


Cash drawers

Since the cash drawer connects to the back of the printer, it doesn't matter which one you buy, as long as it's supported by the printer. Our recommendation is the Tysso PCD-428P.

This can also be purchased online from retailers such as POS Hardware Ltd (in the UK) or ShopPOSPortal (in the US). 

Barcode scanners

We support the SocketScan S740 Universal Barcode Scanner. This is connected via Bluetooth and can be purchased from POS Hardware Ltd (in the UK) or ShopPOSPortal (in the US). You'll need to configure the scanner into iOS application mode which can be done reading through the Hardware Settings on the iPad App.

You can also find the same instructions here.


Note: The Socket Series 7 Barcode Scanners have been discontinued - that includes our previously used models Socket CHS 7Ci and Socket CHS 7Xi. However, you can continue to use these models with Brightpearl POS normally.

The manufacturer suggests the replacement product as the SocketScan 700 Series. We have tested and can verify that, from that series, model S740 is compatible with the POS app. We will update this article with the new models of the series once they have been tested and verified as compatible with Brightpearl POS.

Bluetooth Keyboards

You can also use a Bluetooth keyboard on the iPad to speed up data entry.

Card readers

We support:

Note: We strongly recommend using the specific devices listed per payment integration as we have tested them and are certain about their compatibility. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of a card reader from a different brand, or a different model within the same brands, and cannot support any such readers.

Find out how to set up your card reader.

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