Magento import shipments interaction

The import shipments interaction updates the Magento order with details of the shipment made in Brightpearl, including dropshipped items. The shipment will include details of the items, shipping method and tracking reference.

Import shipment triggers

Shipments can be recorded against Magento orders at any of the following times:

Time Description Execution method
Real-time Updates the relevant order as and when items are shipped in Brightpearl via goods-out or dropship Webhook
Cronjob Checks all open orders in Magento for goods-out notes and dropship notes in Brightpearl Scheduled
Manual: real-time Imports the details of a specific goods-out note or dropship note in Brightpearl Manual

How to run the real-time import shipments interaction

  1. In the Magento admin panel, go to:

    Magento 1: Interactions > Brightpearl > Interactions

    Magento 2: Brightpearl > Brightpearl interactions > Interactions

  2. Select Import shipments (real-time).
  3. Enter the Brightpearl goods-out note ID or dropship note ID. This is the Brightpearl system ID, not the goods-out or dropship note reference. To find the ID open the goods-out in Brightpearl and find it in the URL. Use the API to get dropship note IDs or contact support.
  4. Specify whether the customer should be sent an email (sent from Magento) to notify them of the shipment.
  5. Click Execute to run the import.
  6. Review the log for any warnings or errors.

Shipping methods/carriers

Shipping methods will need to be mapped within the extension configuration at Shared : Shipment settings. If the shipping method is not mapped a custom value will be seen on the shipment in Magento.

Shipments will be added to Magento orders with the method applied to the goods-out note or dropship note in Brightpearl - this can be different from the method assigned to the order originally.


Tracking reference

If a tracking reference is recorded on the shipment in Brightpearl, it will be recorded on the shipment in Magento.

Shipping confirmation customer emails

To update customers of shipments an email can be triggered from either Brightpearl or Magento.

Check the Magento configuration within the Shared: Shipment settings to see if emails will be sent from Magento.


How is the shipping import different from the shipment reconciliation?

This interaction differs from the shipment reconciliation because it looks for goods-out notes and dropship notes in Brightpearl, it therefore imports detailed shipping information.

I have run the import shipments interaction but the wrong shipping method has been applied, why?

If the shipping method applied to the shipment in Brightpearl is not mapped to a shipping method in Magento then the original method on the Magento order will be used, which may be different from the method actually selected at point of shipping. Ensure mapping has been configured and is correct.

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