What are interactions?

An interaction is any time Magento attempts to speak with your Brightpearl account. This includes:

Import Brightpearl settings

This interaction is used when first configuring or updating the configuration of the extension. Magento needs to know which data resources should be used when communicating with Brightpearl, for example, which warehouses to use when updating inventory levels. In order to find and select these data resources in the extension configuration they will first need to be collected from your Brightpearl account using the Brightpearl settings import. Once imported all the Brightpearl settings will be visible in the extension configuration screens.

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Shared : General settings

This is where you specify which Brightpearl channel the Magento store is associated with. It can be set at a store level so you can download the orders from different Magento stores into different channels within Brightpearl to help with reporting.

Shared : Stock settings

These settings tell Magento which Brightpearl warehouses to use when it retrieves inventory levels, what to do if products go out of stock and what to do when they come back into stock

Import Stock levels

These interactions are used to keep inventory levels up-to-date in Magento by importing the on-hand inventory levels from one, or multiple, warehouses in Brightpearl. The bulk and real-time inventory imports are designed to efficiently and effectively prevent overselling through your Magento stores.

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Shared : price settings

The settings here are used during the Import Prices interaction. You can choose to only sync prices for specific product types and you can map different price lists to different customer groups within Magento.

Import prices

This interaction is used to send pricing updates to Magento from Brightpearl. This includes pricing by by store, by customer group and using pricing tiers.

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Shared : Order and Payment settings

These settings are used by the Export orders and Export payment interactions. This where you can map statuses and payment methods, and where you can set defaults to catch any that aren't mapped.

Export orders

This interaction is used to send all orders placed through Magento over to Brightpearl where they can be processed through fulfilment and shipping.

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Export order status

All order status updates made in Magento will be reflected in Brightpearl.

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Export order payments

This interactions is used to send details of any order payments processed through Magento over to Brightpearl.

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Reconcile orders

This interaction can be run periodically to make sure any missed orders are sent to Brightpearl

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Shared Goods notes and drop ship notes settings

Here you can map your Brightpearl shipping methods to Magento carriers 

Import goods notes and drop ship notes (real-time)

Turn on the shipping updates from Brightpearl so that Magento knows when something has been shipped

Set webhooks for shipping updates

All the shipping updates made in Brightpearl will be sent back to Magento when this interaction is enabled.

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Export SKUs

This interaction is used to make sure you can filter your products in Brightpearl based on whether they exist in your Magento store or not.

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