Magento import Brightpearl settings interaction

The import Brightpearl settings interaction is used when first configuring or updating the configuration of the extension.

Magento needs to know which data resources should be used when communicating with Brightpearl - for example, which warehouses to use when updating inventory levels. In order to find and select these data resources in the extension configuration they will first need to be collected from your Brightpearl account using the Brightpearl settings import.

Once imported, all the Brightpearl settings will be visible in the extension configuration screens.

Learn more about how to configure the Brightpearl Magento extension.

Warnings and errors

Warnings about custom fields

A Brightpearl sales custom field can be used for recording gift messages. Only custom fields of type TEXTAREA can be used with Magento. If custom fields are found which are not of this type, they will be ignored and a warning will be displayed.

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