Upgrading the Brightpearl Magento extension

Before upgrading the module it is important to remove key files from the existing module to ensure that you get the benefit of all the new changes.

How to remove existing Magento extension files before upgrading

  1. (Optional) Back-up Magento.
  2. Disable Magento compilation and Magento cache (admin).
  3. Remove the following files:

         * app/etc/modules/Flint_Brightpearl.xml

         * app/etc/modules/Flint_Interaction.xml

  4. Remove the following folders (if exist, including sub-folders):

         * app/code/local/Flint/Interaction

         * app/code/local/Flint/Brightpearl

         * app/code/community/Flint/Interaction

         * app/code/community/Flint/Brightpearl

         * lib/Flint/Interaction

         * lib/Flint/Brightpearl

  5. Re-compile Magento (if using compilation).
  6. Re-enable and clean Magento cache.
  7. Follow installation guide.

Your Magento extension will not need to be reconfigured after the upgrade. All settings will be preserved.

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