Brightpearl Payments : Introduction

The Brightpearl Payments app works with Shuttle to enable card payments and refunds to be processed within Brightpearl. Shuttle is a payment gateway aggregator which provides services to multiple payment gateways. This means Brightpearl can connect to multiple payment gateways, all with a single app.

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The following payment providers are supported when using Brightpearl Payments:

  • Adyen
  • Authorize.Net
  • Braintree
  • Moneris
  • Opayo
  • Opayo v4
  • PayPal Commerce
  • PayPal Flow
  • PayPal Here
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • USAePay
  • Zettle

Each payment provider might support multiple types of transactions:

  • Back office (MOTO)

    These are transactions made where the cardholder is not present and entered into Brightpearl against a quote, order, invoice or customer account. MOTO stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order.

  • In store (POS)

    The cardholder is present for these transactions and is using their payment card.

  • Online "pay now" links

    The cardholder makes this payment themselves online for a quote, order or invoice sent from Brightpearl, using a link directly from their document.

 Back office features supported by Brightpearl Payments

Transaction type Feature

Take payment directly on a sales order (authorization only)

green tick small

Take payment directly on a sales order (authorization and capture)

green tick small

Capture authorized-only payments on demand

green tick small

Partially capture payment on demand

green tick small
Auto-capture authorized-only payments on shipping  green tick small
Auto-capture partial payment for partial shipments Auth.Net Only

Refund a payment originally taken via Brightpearl Payments

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Make a payment (i.e. a miscellaneous refund) to a customer with no original payment

green tick small

Take an on account payment from a customer

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Include "pay now" links in invoices

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Receive customer payments via the web portal

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Foreign currency transactions

When taking a foreign currency payment, the exchange rate from the order screen will be used to convert the payment into your base currency in Brightpearl.

If your payment gateway operates in a different currency from that of the payment currency, the payment provider will convert the payment using their own exchange rate. If this exchange rate is different from the one in Brightpearl then the transactions will not reconcile. An adjustment to account for the gain/loss due to the exchange rates will need to be manually entered.

Visit Installing and configuring Brightpearl Payments to start setting up payments. 


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