Bundles on sales orders and goods out notes

When a bundle is added to an order, the items within the bundle will explode out onto their own lines once the order is saved. 

A bundle and its components can be identified by the blocks next to the line items:


The sell price for the bundle is taken from the bundle parent - even if the bundle components have their own prices used for selling them individually, their prices on the order will be set to zero.

A bundle is a fixed set of items. It is not possible to edit the bundle contents when adding it to orders. If a different item is required, then a separate bundle must be used. Alternatively, the individual items can be added with a discount line to reduce the total price to the customer.

When printing sales quotes / invoices, bundle components can be listed below the product name, or bundles can be shown as a single line without any detail about the components.

Choose which to use at Settings > Sales > Sales settings:


Shipping orders with bundles

A bundle is non-stock tracked and does not have its own stock level. The stock tracked items within a bundle can be allocated, fulfilled and shipped.

Bundles on goods-out notes

When printing goods-out notes, bundle components will always be shown as separate line items that must be packed and shipped. If the bundle is pre-packaged, you can choose to omit the components to prevent double-picking.



Choose which to use at Settings > Sales > Sales settings:


Video : Bundles on sales orders

How to create bundles, add bundles to sales orders, and then fulfil and ship.

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