Vendor acknowledgement and shipping confirmation using the web portal

Your vendors (suppliers) can easily acknowledge they have received an order and subsequently confirm it as shipped using your web portal.

This is particularly useful to get shipping updates for drop-ship orders you have sent to your vendor, so you can update your customer in turn. These updates are identified in Brightpearl by automatically updating the purchase order status.

Setting up 

First of all you need to set up two purchase order statuses that will indicate that the order has been updated.

You'll need an "acknowledged" and a "shipped" status. To add a new status, go to  Settings > Purchases > Purchase statuses.

Once the statuses have been set up, you'll need to configure your purchase settings to recognize them as your "acknowledged" and "shipped" statuses. To do so, go to  Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings. There, you can set the "acknowledged" status under "Vendor (supplier) acknowledged status" and the "shipped" status under "Vendor (supplier) shipped status".

Each time an order is marked acknowledged or confirmed as shipped by your vendor, these are the statuses that the order will be given.

How a vendor acknowledges an order online

Your vendor will need access to your web portal, where they can log in and view the orders you have placed. If you email orders, they can also use the link within the email to view the order online and acknowledge it.


This link will bypass the log in screen and take them directly to the order.

Note: This link is a one time click so will only allow them to bypass the log in screen once - the next time they click the link, they will need to enter their log in details.

Alternatively, the orders can be found under Orders in the menu at the top of the portal page, and the vendor can view an individual order by clicking View details next to it.


To acknowledge the order, the vendor will need to enter their own order reference and click the Acknowledge receipt of this order button.


Upon acknowledging the order, the Order History will update:


Confirming shipment of an order

When the order has been shipped, your vendor can let you know by logging in to the web portal and adding the shipping details.

When they have searched for and opened the order they will need to enter the shipping details in the comments section, and then click to save.


Once the comment is saved, a note will be added to the order and it will automatically update to your "shipped" status.



Note: If the order is a drop-ship purchase order, you will still need to mark it as shipped within Brightpearl.

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