Creating and editing purchase orders

Brightpearl requires you to create a purchase order for any stock you wish to buy. Doing so allows you to track the quantities and account for their cost.

The best time to create the purchase order is before you place the order with the supplier, so you can keep track of stock you're waiting to receive and prevent over-ordering.

You can also use Brightpearl to email the purchase order to the supplier.

Purchase orders can be created in the following ways:

Creating an order manually

A new order can be started by looking up an existing vendor, or by adding a new vendor.

Products and services can be added to an order by looking up the name, SKU or product ID and miscellaneous charges can be added by typing manual order rows. The products which can be added to the order must have a status of "Live" or "Discontinued" and must be within the current season (if active). You can also opt to restrict products to only those assigned to the current vendor, by enabling the "limit product selection to assigned items only" at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.

Pop-up messages can be added to vendors and products to create alerts that appear when creating creating orders manually.

For example, you may want to note that a certain product can only be ordered in specific quantities.

How to add a purchase order

  1. A new order can be started in one of the following ways:

    Quick add icon > Purchase
    Purchases > New Order, then search for the vendor
    Select New purchase on the contact mini tabs wherever they are displayed in the system:


  2. The order is created on the status defined at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings. Update the order status as needed to indicate what stage the order is at.
  3. Add items to the order in any of the following ways:

    Begin typing your product/service name or SKU into the Item code field directly on an order row and select the item from the displayed results to add it to the order. Add more rows using the Add row link.

    Click the Batch add price list items link to search and add multiple items in one go.


    Add a free-text miscellaneous item by typing the item details directly onto the order row. This could be a shipping cost or a discount (negative price).


  4. Click the Save changes button to save the order.

Importing purchase orders using a spreadsheet

Purchases can be imported into Brightpearl using a spreadsheet.

To import sales, go to Settings > Data/Import > Import orders. You can build a data map in order to identify what fields are being imported, then use the map to import a spreadsheet in the .xls format.

Learn more about importing purchase orders here.

Copying purchase orders (cloning)

A purchase order can be copied and used for the same or a new vendor. You can choose the vendor at the time of cloning.

How to clone a purchase order

  1. Enter the purchase you wish to clone and click the arrow next to the "Save Changes" button:
    or click the "Copy" button in the "Actions" column under Purchases > Recent purchase orders:

  2. Apply the settings on the next screen:
    The fields are:
    Section Field Description
      Create copy as

    Choose a vendor (supplier) to assign to the  cloned purchase order. 

    Original Add comments? If 'Yes', a note will be added to the 'Notes and payment history' tab on the original purchase order, stating the purchase was cloned to a new order.
    Set status to Choose the order status to set the original order to after cloning. This defaults to the purchase's current order status. 
    Delete original?

    This setting can only be set to 'Yes' if the original order is unpaid, uninvoiced and no items have been received against it.

    If set to 'Yes', it will delete the original order.

    New Add comments? If 'Yes', a note will be added to the 'Notes and payment history' tab on the new purchase order, stating the purchase was cloned from a previous order.
    Set status to Choose the order status to set the new order to. This defaults to the original purchase's current order status.
    Link to original?

    If 'Yes', a link will be added to the header of the purchase linking back to the original sale.


    Deliver to

    Choose which warehouse to deliver the purchase to.

    This determines the delivery address of the new order.

  3. Click 'Clone now'. You will be taken to the new order.

Drop-ship purchase orders

Drop-ship purchase orders are a method of fulfilling a sales order by getting a vendor to ship the product directly to the end customer.

Learn more about drop-shipping here.

Low inventory report

The low inventory report is a report used to detail what items are in need of ordering. It can be used to create purchase orders.

Learn more about the low inventory report here.

Editing and updating purchase orders

Purchase orders can be edited or updated by making changes one order at a time, or some things can be updated in batches from the purchase list.

Most changes can only be made before the purchase invoice has been received. Once an invoice has been received, the purchase order is locked.

The following things on a purchase order can be done in batch:

  • Updating the purchase order or credit status
  • Sending emails or SMSes (if using Clickatell)
  • Printing the orders using a template
  • Deleting the orders (if uninvoiced, unpaid and if no stock has been received)
  • Allocating landed costs to the orders
  • Batch invoicing the purchase orders
  • Marking drop-ship purchase orders as shipped
  • Updating the delivery date
  • Adding or removing contact tags
  • Assigning teams to the order
  • Merging multiple purchase orders into one

How to batch update purchase orders

  1. Go to Purchases > Recent Purchase Orders.
  2. Use the filters to search for the orders to be updated.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select orders.
  4. Use the batch processing buttons at the top of the order list to make updates.
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