Creating and editing purchase orders

Brightpearl requires you to create a purchase order for any stock you wish to buy, so that the quantities can be tracked and their cost value can be allocated against an invoice later.

The best time to create the purchase order is before you place the order with the supplier so you can keep track of stock you're waiting to receive and prevent over ordering. You can also use Brightpearl to email the purchase order automatically to the supplier.

Creating new purchase orders

Purchase orders can be created in the following ways:

How to raise a purchase order

  1. Create a new purchase order in one of the following ways:

    Go to Purchases > New purchase order, then search for the supplier.


    Choose Purchases from the quick add menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and then search for the supplier.


    Search for and open a supplier record, click New purchase order.


  2. Once in a new order, add an item directly onto a row by typing the item name or SKU into the item code field. Or click Batch add price list items to search and batch add products.


  3. The items which are visible in the search and can be added to an order may be controlled by:

    The supplier of the product - check "limit product selection to assigned items only" at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings. If this is set to yes, then a product can only be added if the supplier is assigned to the product.

    The season - products can only be sold if they are assigned to the season on the order.

  4. Additional charges such as shipping, free items, or discounts by typing directly onto an order row.
  5. Save the order. 

How to copy a purchase order

  1. Search for the original purchase order.
  2. Click the copy icon next to the listed order, or open the order and click the drop-down arrow on the Save changes button and click Clone to PO.
  3. If you want to change the status of the original purchase order at this stage, you can do so. You can also choose the status on which the purchase order is created.
  4. Specify whether you want the new order to be linked to the original. You might want to say 'No' if the new order is for a different supplier.
  5. Select whether the delivery address is to be direct to customer or to your chosen warehouse. If you choose direct to customer, this order will NOT set the order as dropship, this must be done from a sales order using advanced fulfillment.
  6. Click Clone now.

Editing and updating purchase orders

Purchase orders can be edited or updated by making changes one order at a time, or some things can be updated in batches from the purchase list.

Most changes can only be made before the purchase invoice has been received. Once an invoice has been received, the PO is locked.

The following things on a purchase order can be updated in batch:

How to batch update purchase orders

  1. Go to Purchases > Recent Purchase Orders.
  2. Use the filters to search for the orders to be updated.
  3. Use the checkboxes to select orders.
  4. Use the batch processing buttons at the top of the order list to make updates.


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