Back orders for purchases

A back order indicates that your vendor is unable to fulfill everything you've ordered at the same time, so you're going to receive some items before others.

They may also have sent an invoice for some, but not all, of the items on the order, which you need to enter into Brightpearl. The items that aren't related to the invoice will need to be moved onto a separate purchase order before it can be invoiced.

Placing purchase order items on back order

Back orders are identified by using an order status.

An order can be manually set as a back order by updating the order status, which can be done even where some items have already been received. 

How to place purchase order items on back order

  1. You will need an order status to represent purchase back orders. Go to Settings > Purchases > Purchases statuses and add a status to represent back orders.
  2. Go to Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings and select the order status as your back order status:

back order status

  1. Search for and open the purchase order to be placed on back order.
  2. The whole order can be placed on back order by just changing the order status to your back order status from above.
  3. If specific items need to be moved onto a separate order, select the rows which are to be split to a back order.
  4. Click the Split to Back Order button.

rows split bo

  1. A modal window will open, allowing you to review the changes that will take place. You can edit the quantity to split and choose whether to maintain the price of the order. Once you're happy with the quantities, click the Split to back order button to confirm.


  1. A new purchase order will be created with the selected items, leaving the rest on the original purchase order. The new order is automatically assigned the back order status defined at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings .

order ref

  1. The two order references are displayed. Both orders will contain a cross-reference to the other order within the order notes and comments.

notes and comments across

Maintain price of original order

On the split to back order modal, there is an option to 'maintain price of original order':


Checking this box still splits the selected products out onto a new sales order, with the following differences:

  • The price of the products on the new order are set to zero (i.e. the order value of the backorder is zero)
  • A non-stock tracked row is added to the original order, with a value of the products that were split out

Maintaining the original order price can be used if you are being invoiced for the whole amount, but haven't yet received all the items.

Warning: Note that the back-ordered items will be received in at a zero price, so you may wish to handle this a different way - e.g. by using miscellaneous rows to increase the value of the original order and decrease the value of the back order.


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