Fulfilling from your own warehouse(s)

Fulfillment is the first stage of shipping or drop shipping an order.

It is the process used to select some or all items on an order for shipping from one or more warehouses or suppliers.

Fulfillment will create one goods out note per shipment from each warehouse. Inventory on a goods out note is allocated to the sales order and will reduce on-hand stock. 

Order fulfillment statuses

The fulfillment status of an order is recognized using the following icons:

mceclip2.png Order not fulfilled
mceclip0.png Order part-fulfilled
mceclip1.png Order fully fulfilled

Orders can be fulfilled individually or in bulk.

Simple fulfillment for a single order

  1. Search for the sales order and enter it.
  2. From the Fulfill menu, click Fulfill and ship later.
  3. A goods out note will be created for the order's warehouse, where items are on hand. Any items not on hand will not be added to the goods out note.

Fulfillment for a batch of orders

  1. Go to Sales > Recent sales and filter the sales list to display the orders to be fulfilled. Select the relevant orders. 
  2. Click Fulfill.

  3. On the popup, choose:
    • Whether to fulfill and ship later or fulfill and mark as shipped now
    • An order status to update the fulfilled orders to (optional; will only be applied if the orders are fulfilled)
    • The shipping method to use for the goods notes
    • The warehouse to use for the goods notes
  4. Click Fulfill.

If it is possible to fulfill the sales, a goods out note will be created per sale.

Split shipments / partial fulfillment

A single order can also be dispatched in multiple shipments. This allows:

  • Items currently in stock to be dispatched now and any out of stock items to be sent later
  • Shipments to be sent from multiple warehouses

In order to be able to use partial fulfillment, you need to enable the setting under Settings > Products/inventory > Inventory settings - set 'Split/partial fulfillment and drop-ship purchase orders' to 'Yes'.

How to part fulfill an order

  1. Search for and open the order.
  2. Hover over Fulfill order at the top of the page and select the option Partial/Advanced fulfill.

  3. Specify how many items are to be sent in this first shipment. (Enter zero if none are to be sent.)

  4. Select the warehouse the items are to be shipped from (each different warehouse selected creates a separate shipment/goods-out note).
  5. (Optional) Select a shipping method  to assign to the goods-out notes, or leave it blank to apply the order shipping method.
  6. Click the Create Purchase Orders/Goods notes button. 
    The goods-out note will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click the order reference at the top of the page to return to the order - you will see that it is partially fulfilled.

Automated fulfillment

It is possible to automate fulfillment using our Automation engine. Read more about it here.


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