Applying order level discounts

There are two ways of applying a discount directly to an order:

  1. Apply a set value discount to the whole order
  2. Apply percentage discount at an order row level (per item)

How to discount an order by a specific amount

  1. Begin creating the order as normal.
  2. When you are ready to apply the discount, click to add a new row.
  3. Type details of the discount directly onto the order row.
  4. Selet the discount account code.
  5. Enter the discount amount as a negative price.
  6. Save the order and continue as usual.

How to discount an order item by a percentage

  1. To discount items by a percentage directly within the order, the discount column must be activated in the Sales Settings.
  2. Begin a new order as usual.
  3. Enter the percentage discount directly on the order row.

Note : Discount can only be applied to the "list price". If the price has already been manually changed then it is not possible to add discount. To reset the fields, click the "Reset prices" link below the product table and then save.

Customer discount

A set percentage discount can be assigned to a customer record so that they receive the discount every time they place an order. The discount will be applied to the prices on the price list assigned to their record.

This type of discount will only apply for manually entered orders.

How to give customer discount

  1. Search for and open the customer record.
  2. Select the Financials tab.
  3. In the Payment information section, enter the discount % that they will receive on all prices on their assigned price list.
  4. Save the changes. All future orders added will automatically be discounted.

Note: To see the discount applied at an order row level you will need to show the discount column, do this in the Sales Settings.

Discount on orders downloaded from Shopify, Bigcommerce or ekmPowershop

A miscellaneous order row is added for discount. It will show a negative price and use the default discount coupons nominal code defined in account code settings.

Discount on orders downloaded from Magento

Discounts and coupons applied to an order when checking out via Magento will not be shown on the downloaded order. The list price will be the original price (before the discount), and the price column will show the new discounted price.

EPOS discounts & coupons

Brightpearl coupons and coupon codes can be used in Brightpearl EPOS to offer customer discount on their purchases.

Coupons can be created to offer a percentage or fixed monetary discount for singular or multiple use through a specific period of time.

How to create a discount coupon or coupon code

  1. Go to  Marketing > Discount codes .
  2. Click  Add coupon .
  3. Complete the fields as required:
    - Name -  The name of the coupon/discount code.
    - Code -  This code can be used to apply the discount in EPOS.
    - Amount -  The degree of discount, which can be a percentage of the order total or a fixed sum.
    - Description -  Enter a description to identify your promotion.
    - Minimum Order Value -  Use this field to set a minimum order quantity required to receive this discount.
    - Uses Per Coupon -  Maximum number of times a discount code can be used.
    - Uses Per User -  Limits the number of times a user can use any one discount code.
    - Start and Expires -  Date range the code is valid for.
    - Campaign -  Associate this discount code with a marketing campaign ID.
    - #users -  Identifies how many times the code has been used in total.
    - #users -  Identifies how many different customers have used this discount code.
  4. Click  Save .
  5. To print a coupon with a barcode, use the icon next to the coupon to display the barcode. Right-click to save the image. You can then include this barcode on your promotional flyer or voucher. These can be scanned in Brightpearl EPOS to automatically apply the discount.

How to use a coupon in EPOS

  1. Open the EPOS console.
  2. Click the Scan coupon link at the top of the page.
  3. In the pop-up window either type the coupon code and then press enter, or simply scan the coupon barcode. The discount is automatically applied to the sale, taking into account any of the coupon rules such as minimum spend.

Volume discounts (price breaks)

Volume discounts will automatically be applied to a product when it is manually added to a sales or purchase order with the volume discounted quantity. You will be notified that the discount will be applied.

How to add a volume discount for a product

A volume discount is created by saving price breaks and the discounted price per item, on to the product record.

When price breaks are used, the first break must always be for 1 item:

How to import volume discount prices for products

Volume discounted prices (price breaks) can be imported using the price list import, but not using the product import.

When creating your price list import file, enter breaks into one column separated by semi-colons and the price associated with each break is entered in the next column, separated by semi-colons.

Discount for a bundle of items

Bundles can be used to offer a selection of items for a lower price than buying them all separately.

A bundle is created as a product with the price a customer will pay, and all the individual items that they will get for that price are grouped into that product.

How to create a bundle

  1. First of all, ensure that each item to be included in the bundle already exists as a product record.
  2. Now go to Products > New product / service .
  3. Enter a name for the bundle and complete all the required fields.
  4. Assign the bundle a unique SKU.
  5. Select the Bundle tab .
  6. Select Yes to identify this product is a bundle of others.

  1. Use the search box on the left-hand side to find the products that are to be included in the bundle. When the product is listed, click on it to add it to the bundle - it is listed in the table on the right-hand side where the quantity of the item included can up changed.
    Note : A total of 40 different items can be added into a single bundle.

  1. Once all the products have been listed, save the product.

Bundles are always non-stock tracked and will display with a blue background on the products list. You can view all your bundles at Products > Bundles .

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