There are various methods of discounting:

  • Customer discount
  • Item discount (row discounts)
  • Volume discount (price breaks)
  • Group discount (bundled items)
  • Order discount (line item)
  • Settlement discount

Customer discount

A set percentage discount can be assigned to a customer record so that they receive the discount every time they place an order. The discount will be applied to the prices on the price list assigned to their record.

This type of discount will only apply for manually entered orders.

How to give customer discount

  1. Search for and open the customer record.
  2. Select the Financials tab.
  3. In the Payment information section, enter the discount % that they will receive on all prices on their assigned price list.
  4. Save the changes. All future orders added will automatically be discounted.

Note: To see the discount applied at an order row level you will need to show the discount column, do this in the Sales Settings.

Item/row discounts

Item discounts are entered onto an order row either by manually editing the price to reduce it by a fixed amount (per item) or by entering a percentage discount. The discount column will display only if enabled at Settings > Sales > Sales settings.

How to discount an order item by a percentage

  1. To discount items by a percentage directly within the order, the discount column must be activated in the Sales Settings.
  2. Begin a new order as usual.
  3. Enter the percentage discount directly on the order row.

Note: Discount can only be applied to the "list price". If the price has already been manually changed then it is not possible to add discount. To reset the fields, click the "Reset prices" link below the product table and then save.

Volume discounts (price breaks)

Volume discounts will automatically be applied to a product when it is manually added to a sales or purchase order with the volume discounted quantity. You will be notified that the discount will be applied.

How to add a volume discount for a product

A volume discount is created by saving price breaks and the discounted price per item, on to the product record.

When price breaks are used, the first break must always be for 1 item:

Group discount (bundled of items)

Bundles can be used to offer a selection of items for a lower price than buying them all separately.

A bundle is created as a product with the price a customer will pay, and all the individual items that they will get for that price are grouped into that product.

Learn more about bundles

Order discounts

An order discount is entered as a line item with a negative amount.

How to discount an order by a specific amount

  1. Begin creating the order as normal.
  2. When you are ready to apply the discount, click to add a new row.
  3. Type details of the discount directly onto the order row.
  4. Selet the discount account code.
  5. Enter the discount amount as a negative price.
  6. Save the order and continue as usual.

Settlement discount

Settlement discount is used to adjust the invoice values inline with HMRC early payment discount rules. Learn more about settlement discount

Channel discounts

The way discounts are shown on sales orders from integrated sales channels depends on how discounts are managed and provided by each channel.

  • Discount on orders downloaded from Shopify or BigCommerce.

    The total of the discount is applied proportionally to the price of the line items.

  • Discount on orders downloaded from Magento

    Discounts and coupons applied to an order when checking out via Magento will not be shown on the downloaded order. The list price will be the original price (before the discount), and the price column will show the new discounted price.

  • EPOS discounts and coupons

    Brightpearl coupons and coupon codes can be used in Brightpearl EPOS to offer customer discount on their purchases.

    Coupons can be created to offer a percentage or fixed monetary discount for singular or multiple use through a specific period of time.

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