Creating and sending quotes

A quote in Brightpearl is simply an order which has been assigned a sales status to indicate it is a quote. This allows users to see that the order has not yet been confirmed and for it to be excluded from processing lists.

Creating quotes

Every order must be created against a customer record, but when it comes to quoting a sale you may not have or want to create a record for the customer right away.

In this case you might find it useful to keep an "anonymous" customer record for this specific purpose. When a customer wants a quote, create it against your anonymous customer record. When they return to confirm their order, you will need to create customer record for them and transfer the order over to their real record.

How to add a quote or order

  1. A new order can be created in one of the following ways:
    • Quick add icon > Sale or Sales > New Order , then search for the customer:
    • New Sale can also be selected from the contact mini tabs where ever they are displayed throughout Brightpearl:
      mini tabs new order
  1. The order is created on the 'new sale status' defined at Settings > Sales > Sales workflow. This might already be your quote or new order status. Update the order status as needed to indicate what stage the order is at in your sales cycle.
  2. Add items to the order in any of the following ways:
    • Begin typing your product/service name or SKU into the Item code field directly on an order row and select the item from the displayed results to add it to the order. Add more rows using the Add row link.
    • Click the Batch add price list items link to search and add multiple items in one go.
    • Add a free-text miscellaneous item by typing the item details directly onto the order row. This could be a shipping cost or a discount (negative value).add misc row
  1. Click the Save changes button to save the items onto the order.

Copying a quote or order (cloning)

A quote or order can be copied and used for the same or a new customer - the quote or order is first cloned and then customer can be changed.

Learn more about cloning sales here.

Emailing quotes to customers

A quote can be printed or emailed to the customer using a customized template.

How to email a quote to a customer

  1. Create and save the quote.
  2. From within the quote record, click the Email/Print button.
  3. The document is displayed using the default template from the channel brand assigned to the order's sales channel. To change the template click the 'Change template' link at the top.
  4. To email the document, use the 'Email' link at the top. Select or enter the email address(es), enter a subject and email body and then click Send.

Quote revisions

Brightpearl does not store a history of changes made to line items or prices, so if you want to take a snapshot of the current state of a quote, create a PDF.

The easiest way to do this is to email a copy of the quote to yourself.

Quote attachments

You can add files to your quotes by uploading them into Brightpearl on the Files tab of the sales order screen. To send these files in one email with the quote itself:

  1. Create a PDF copy of the quote by sending an email to yourself.
  2. Upload any additional files into the files tab.
  3. Select the files you want to send and compose the email.
  4. Click Send files by email in the files tab.


Once the customer has viewed the quote and accepted the terms, the quote will be approved.

Learn more about approving quotes here.


Learn how to create a quote and send it to the customer.

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