FAQs about products, inventory and pricing

Stock management

What do I do if I have to temporarily remove stock?

If you're sending stock away for repairs, or you need to temporarily remove your stock to be added in again later; then you can use a new warehouse specifically for stock being sent away (or similar). When sent away, you can move the item to this new warehouse (which isn't connected to any sales channels), and move it back to your old warehouse once the item is returned or fixed.

Prices and price lists

When importing price lists, why do I have to use net figures when my price list includes tax?

The reason you must import all your prices as net figures (tax exclusive) is because Brightpearl will automatically apply tax to the imported price using the tax rate set up on the product. If you have already included tax in the figure it will apply tax again, consequently making your price incorrect.


Is it possible to find out how many items were fulfilled from each of my warehouses over a period of time?

Currently it is not possible to report on this in Brightpearl. However, all the information you need is available via our API so reporting outside of Brightpearl is an option.

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