Inventory audit trail

The inventory audit trail is a filter first report, learn more here

Visit Products > Inventory audit trail .

This report provides a full audit trail of changes to your inventory, both increases and decreases. This can be from receiving inventory on a purchase, shipping inventory from a goods-out note or from inventory corrections.

Each change to your stock levels is listed here, the most recent change at the top by default. You'll find links to the relevant sales and purchases plus by clicking on the product name you can view details of the product item itself.

During a manual stock correction, if a reason why there was a change in stock was captured at the time, then you will see an 'i' icon next to that line. Hovering over this will display the stock correction reason. These notes will also be included in any export of this report that you do. If no reason was added when amending stock, then you will not see an ‘i’ icon and will see a blank space in the ‘Reference’ column next to that product line.

When a stock correction is made, the inventory audit trail will record the following information:

  • Inventory movement ID
  • Reason
  • Product ID
  • User name




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