Price breaks (volume discounts)

A volume discount is a method of discounting products bought or sold, where the more units on the order, the lower the price per unit. Each 'step' in a volume discount is called a price break.

For example, you may have a deal with a wholesale customer where if they buy between one and four units of Product A, it will cost them £10 per unit, but buying five or more units will cost them £9 per unit. In this case, the breaks are one unit and five units.

Adding volume discounts onto a product

There are two ways to add volume discounts against a product:

Individually within a product record

A volume discount can be created by saving price breaks and the discounted price per item on to the product record.

When price breaks are used, the first break must always be for 1 item:


In bulk using a price list import

Price breaks can also be imported against products using the price list import (not using the product import!).

When creating your price list import file, enter breaks into column E separated by semi-colons, and enter the price associated with each break into column F, also separated by semi-colons:


Learn more about importing prices here.

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