Importing and updating prices

The price list import can be used to import prices and volume discounted prices (price breaks) from a spreadsheet.

Tip: The product import can also be used for importing item prices, but not for volume discounted prices (price breaks).

Net or gross

All prices should be imported as net (excluding tax), even for price lists that are set as "show prices as gross"!

All prices are stored in the database as net prices. Brightpearl will then calculate the gross value to display to the user based on the tax codes applied at the time.

Preparing a price file for import

When importing prices, the file must be saved as a .csv file, and the following columns must be included, in this order:

  1. Product ID
  2. Product name
  3. Product SKU
  4. Vendor (supplier) SKU
  5. Price breaks
  6. Prices per break

Learn more about price breaks here.

All columns must be present, even if they are not filled in.


The column descriptions are:

Column Description
Product ID This is a system assigned ID for the product. It can be seen just below the product SKU on the product list. It is exported with each product. It can be used for matching the product for the import.
Product name

This is the name of the product being imported, for reference only.

This column can be left blank but must be included.

Product SKU

This is the main product SKU assigned to the product. It can be used for matching the product for the import.

Vendor (supplier) SKU

A supplier SKU is one recorded against a price list for the product.

This column can be left blank but must be included.

Price breaks

Every product requires a price per item, in which case a "1" is entered.

To add price breaks (i.e. volume discounts), enter the break separated by a semi-colon. For example: "1; 5; 10; 20".

This column must include at least "1" in order to import a price.

Prices per break

Every product requires a price for a single item.

Additional prices can be added by using the previous price break column.

For each break entered, a price can be entered in this column, each separated by a semi-colon. For example: "5.66; 5.20; 4.99; 4.80".

All prices must be net (excluding tax).

How to import prices

  1. Create your file ready for import. This can easily be done by exporting either an existing price list, or all items at Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists.
    Note : Prices must be net (excluding tax).
  2. Save the file as a CSV type file.
  3. Go to Settings > Products / Inventory > Price lists, and click the Import a price list  button at the top of the screen.
    list import
  4. Select by which field to match products - product ID or SKU.
  5. Select the price list to be updated. (Note it must already exist!)
    list import
  6. Browse for the .csv file and click the Import CSV button.

Tip: If you need to discount certain items for a limited time, the best thing to do is to create a new price list! That way you will only have to perform a single import, instead of importing one file to change your prices, and another to change them back.



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