QR Codes

Brightpearl lets you print QR (Quick Response) codes that can be scanned by a free app on a smartphone. Once scanned the potential customer will be taken straight to a product, smartform, or just the homepage of your Brightpearl Webstore. Each QR code can be assigned a lead source allowing you identify new customers that have been generated from this route.

  • For a product  Go to Products > List products / services, or use the quick search for a particular item
  • For a smartform Go to Marketing > Smartforms
  • For your homepage  Go to Marketing > Lead sources

To create the QR code click the QR icon to the far right of the record in the Actions column. Enter the Base URL for your website, select the a lead source if relevant and the size you want the image to be. Finally click Generate !

The URL that the QR code holds is displayed along with an image of the QR code. You will need to right-click and save the image in order to use it as you wish.

Using a different URL

You can enter in any URL that you want the customer to be redirected to. However, since these QR codes are generated on a per product basis the URL will automatically be suffixed with the Brightpearl product ID. Make sure you test the URL link provided once you have generated the QR code.

Note: Magento will not respect the lead source.

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