Every product or service must be assigned to at least one category in Brightpearl.

Brightpearl categories are not connected to sales channels and so can be of a completely unique structure which will lend itself well to internal product management and reporting.

Creating categories

Categories can be added manually, or automatically created when importing products (top level only).

View, add or amend categories at Products > Categories .

 There is no limit to the nesting depth of categories.

Assigning products to categories

You can choose categories for a product in several ways:

  • On the product edit screen.
  • When importing products using a spreadsheet.
  • Using the batch action "Move/copy to category" on the product list.

Products can be assigned to multiple categories, but bear in mind that if you report sales by category, items could appear in multiple reports.

For this reason, Brightpearl has "Reporting category" and "Reporting subcategory" fields, which can be set when you are editing a product manually, or by importing a spreadsheet.


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