eBay channel alerts and errors

The eCommerce channel alerts report helps you see when processes performed as part of your integrations have or haven't completed successfully, such as eBay or Magento. When errors occur you will see an alert in the notification area on the left of your screen or in an orange bubble next to the channel in the Channels menu.

Click on the notification button to view the list of alerts. When you have alerts you will automatically be shown a list of those errors, but you can use the filters to also view warnings and information messages.

To keep your report tidy you can mark messages as read, or delete them (200 at a time).

Note: Channel alerts are cleared after 5 days.

You have supplied an invalid country ISO code. (ORDC-046)

An order attempting to be downloaded contains an address with a country which either doesn't exist in your Brightpearl account, or has an incorrect ISO code and the match between eBay and Brightpearl can't be made. Log into your eBay account and identify the country the order which hasn't downloaded. Ensure the country exists in Brightpearl at Settings > Localization > Countries. If it already exists, double check the settings on the country.

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