Install and configure the eBay app

Note: Make sure you have read the prerequisites before connecting Brightpearl and eBay.

Install the eBay app

To connect Brightpearl and eBay you will first need to install the app. Once it's installed you'll be able to add your eBay accounts.

How to install the eBay app

  1. In Brightpearl, go to App Store > eBay
  2. Click Turn on


The eBay setup and management screens will now be accessible in Settings > Brightpearl apps > eBay.

Installing eBay takes you straight to the first setup screen, allowing you to add your eBay accounts.

Connect an eBay account

Each eBay account must be added separately in Brightpearl.

Each account added creates a new sales channel in Brightpearl which is used to identify where your orders are coming from.

Supported eBay sites

This is a list of all the eBay sites you can connect to Brightpearl in order to synchronize inventory, prices and orders:

  • eBay Australia
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Belgium_Dutch
  • eBay Belgium_French
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Canada French
  • eBay France
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay Hong Kong
  • eBay India
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay Malaysia
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Philippines
  • eBay Poland
  • eBay Singapore
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Switzerland
  • eBay UK
  • eBay US
  • eBay Motors

How to connect an eBay account

  1. In Brightpearl, go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > eBay.
  2. Click the Connect eBay account button.



  1. Enter an account name, which acts as the channel name. Whatever is entered in this field is how you'll see the channel referred to throughout Brightpearl.
  2. Choose whether or not you'd like to see the channel displayed when you click into the Channels menu.
  3. Select your eBay site country.
  4. Select whether you want eBay listings to be automatically connected where a product with a matching SKU is found. This will work the first time a listing is downloaded.
  5. Go on to choose your inventory, price and order settings:



  • Enable inventory sync
    Check the box to use inventory syncing for this site. When activated, inventory updates are sent to eBay:
    • when a listing is first created or connected to a product
    • when the on hand inventory level changes.
    Note that activating this setting after connecting listings later will not trigger any updates until the on hand inventory level changes.
  • Track stock of bundles
    Check the box to sync your bundles' on hand inventory to eBay. Bundle inventory is calculated using the on hand levels of the bundle components. Note that the inventory of the components must be in the same warehouse to be included in the calculation. Learn more about bundle availability here.
  • Warehouse to calculate on hand inventory levels
    Select one or more warehouses. The combined on hand inventory from these warehouses will be sent to eBay.
  • Warehouse to allocate orders from
    Each order in Brightpearl can only be assigned a single warehouse, even though you may be synchronizing inventory from multiple. Select the main warehouse from which inventory should be automatically allocated to orders. Shipments from other warehouses can be created when fulfilling orders.
  • Limit real-time stock updates to where I have fewer than eBay limits real-time listing updates to 150 a day. If you have a listing with a large number of variations, or a large number of stock movements per day, some updates could be blocked if you don't limit your stock updates. Choose from:
    • No limit
    • Between 1 and 20 on hand
  • Bulk inventory update You can run a bulk inventory update manually up to 3 times a day. Brightpearl will also perform a nightly bulk inventory update.



  • Price list
    Choose the price list to synchronize with this eBay site. The selected price list needs to be set up with the same currency as the default eBay site selected earlier. It should also be set as a gross price list; synchronizing a net price list will add tax before updating eBay, using the product tax code.
  • Charge tax on shipping
    Check this box to calculate tax on shipping charges where the products are taxable.
  • Enable price sync
    Uncheck this box if you do not wish Brightpearl to update eBay listing prices. This setting can be activated at any time, but note that activating it will not perform a full price sync - prices will only update when they are updated in Brightpearl.



  • Start orders downloading from
    Select the date at which orders should begin downloading. It can only be set to today's date or a date in the future. This is often used during implementation to ensure the account is fully set up before orders begin downloading. Brightpearl will check for new eBay orders over the previous 7 days, but limited to this activation date. If this date is changed in the future, then orders placed on or after the new date will download. Saving any other changes in the eBay settings will not affect order downloads.
  • Status for new eBay orders
    Select which sales order status should be assigned to new eBay orders.
  • Channel branding
    Select the channel brand to use for orders received via this channel.
  • Payment method
    Select the payment method to use for creating payments against eBay orders
  • Default returns period
  • Use tax amount from eBay 
    Enable this setting to use the tax amount sent through from eBay when creating the order rather than Brightpearl’s tax code to calculate the tax.
  • Assign new orders to team (available only where teams exist) 
    If you are using teams, choose which team to assign to orders received via this channel.
  • Download only paid orders
    Choose whether or not to only download orders which have been fully paid.
  1. The final stage is to authorize eBay and Brightpearl to speak to each other. Unless you are testing Brightpearl using the eBay sandbox, you should leave the box unchecked.
  2. Click the Authorize with eBay button and then log into your eBay seller account. You will be directed to the eBay site based on the country selection made earlier.

eBay authorize

  1. Click the I agree button to accept the terms and conditions. You will then be directed back to your Brightpearl account to see the eBay account integration is activated.

eBay Install connect login

Auction listings

Auction listings are not fully supported. We do not recommend using auction listings with Brightpearl.

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