Notes on contacts and orders

Notes are an invaluable way of sharing information within your team.

Add notes whenever you speak to a customer or vendor, or when there is an event that might need to be referred to in the future.

Notes can be public (viewed by the customer) or private (only visible to staff). By default, notes are private.

Notes are automatically tagged with the current date and the administrator name.

Brightpearl will add some notes automatically - for example, when an invoice is sent by email to a contact, a note will be added to the contact's notes trail.

Tip: "Waiting for payment" is an example of a bad note - this information is stored elsewhere in the system, and another note will need to be manually added when payment is made to prevent misunderstandings. "Customer visited office to talk about progress. See minutes file" would be an example of a good note.

Contact notes on the timeline

The contact timeline will show notes added just to the contact record, as well as any notes added to sales or purchases for that contact.


To add a note, just click Add Note. Only private notes can be added on the contact screen.

If you want to send the customer an email, and record that email on the timeline, then click their email address to open an email compose window:


Alternatively, send email via your company mail system and use the Mail Store app to show emails on the timeline.

Keeping the contact owner in the loop

If the contact has been assigned to a staff member (as the owner), then any notes added by other staff members will be emailed to the contact owner to keep them in touch with latest developments.

The following will not trigger a notification:

  • A note added by the owner themselves
  • A note added using batch processing on the contact list

Note that it's not possible to prevent the notification emails from being sent, so if you don't need them, you can use rules within your own email inbox to automatically archive or delete them.

Order notes

The Notes and payment history tab on an order can also be used to record notes. These notes will appear on the contact timeline, along with any files that are uploaded along with the note.

In addition, plenty of notes are added automatically during sales order processing and fulfillment. 

Using QuickNotes

Wherever you see a box for entering notes in Brightpearl, you'll see a drop-down menu underneath it which allows you to have some "canned response" notes for quickly dropping in, saving time. Using QuickNotes is a great way to speed up your day-to-day workflows.


QuickNotes can contain merge fields which are replaced with the contact information (such as the customer name or the staff member name). If you're working with orders, a range of order fields are available.

Manage your QuickNotes at Settings > Templates > QuickNote templates.

Learn more about QuickNotes here.

Editing and deleting notes

It is not possible to edit notes once they've been created.

However, if you've added a note to a contact's record, you will also be able to delete it. Locate the note in the contact's Timeline and click the "X" to delete it. Note that deleting notes can't be undone.

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