Contact status

A contact status (customer/supplier status) can be applied to each contact record in order to categorize them and indicate what stage they have reached in the sales cycle. We have added some to get you started, but feel free to add or amend them for your own needs. Here are our suggestions with details of how you might interpret them:

  • Suspect - not shopping around, no interest in purchasing
  • Prospecting - potential customer, an interest in buying
  • Confirmed lead - potential customer interested in buying from you
  • Customer - has purchased
  • Failed - sale lost

How to create a new contact status

  1. Go to Settings > Contacts > Statuses.
  2. Click Add a new contact status.
  3. Enter a status name, select the pipeline stage it relates to and (optionally) enter the number of days a contact should remain untouched at this status before you are notified to follow-up.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Use the green up and down arrow to click and drag your statuses into order; you can only rearrange statuses within each pipeline stage. This is the order they will appear in drop-down menus.

Each status is listed with details of the reminder days and the number of contacts currently at that status, you can click this link to see a list of the contacts.

Reminder days

Brightpearl makes it easy to monitor these contacts by using Reminder days. For each Status you can set up the number of days a contact can sit at that status without being "touched". Touching refers to updating the last contact date on the contact record. Setting the reminder days will ensure a notification is generated when the contact has not been touched, prompting you to follow-up. A contacts last contact date is automatically updated (they are "touched") when:

  • Adding an inbound call or outbound call note (but not "just a note")
  • Sending an email using the red links in Brightpearl (but not inbound emails to the timeline)
  • Sending a quote/PO/order by email
  • Sending an SMS
  • Updating the contact status

Things that won't update the last contact date:

  • Just saving the contact after adding details
  • Batch adding notes from the contact list/sales list etc.
  • Creating a sale/purchase

You can also use the Touch button on the Customer Listing.

Notifications are displayed on the notification bar on the left-hand side of the screen. You will only receive notifications for contacts that you "own", or for those that have no owner. Here we can see there are 24 notifications for our contacts:


How to "touch" a contact and remove contact status notifications

  1. Search for your contact(s) or go to Customers > List all customers.
  2. When the contact(s) are listed, select each contact to "touch".
  3. Click the Touch button.



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