Companies / contact relationships

Often you'll want to group a number of individuals in your CRM system into a "company" - sometimes called an "account" in other systems. Brightpearl handles this with the concept of Primary and Secondary contacts.

Contacts sharing the same company name will be grouped into the same company. One of the contacts within the company will be set as the primary contact. All the others are secondary contacts (or colleagues).

To aid selection of an existing company when creating new contacts (in order to group contacts), the company field suggests the names of existing companies:


Orders for contacts within a company

If you raise a sale or a purchase on a secondary contact, then that sale will be on the secondary contact's record. The sale will be visible on the company timeline and the contact timeline.

Financial transactions for contacts within a company

Any invoices or other financial transactions will always be created on the primary contact account. This allows you to have a centralized accounting contact with a number of different buyers, for example.

Financial transactions will never appear on a secondary contact's timeline.

Viewing a company

To view a company record use the Quick Search for use the filters on the contact listing. When the results are displayed click on any of the contacts within the company to open their record. At the top of the screen click on the company name. The company record lists all the "colleagues" and displays the history and notes from all the contacts within the company.


Changing the primary contact of a company

Open the contact's record (or the company) and navigate to the Colleagues tab. Click the Make primary button to transfer financial records and other Primary Contact associations to that contact.



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