FAQs about Amazon

Amazon listings

What is a listing? How does using Amazon differ from other services?

Amazon is an online marketplace, which differs from a web store in a few ways:

  • Web stores are owned and operated by the business owner; customers interact with the business directly when buying goods
  • Online marketplaces are operated by a third party and sell goods from multiple businesses in one place

Amazon uses listings, which consist of a single page for one product that may be sold by several different merchants competing with one another. Customers can choose which merchant to purchase the item from.

This differs from eBay, where every merchant creates their own listing, even if they are selling the same product as another merchant.

Can I publish listings to Amazon from Brightpearl?

No. Brightpearl is not a listing management tool and cannot be used to create listings. Listings must be made directly in Amazon.

The only information we send to listings is the inventory level, price and handling time. Learn more about Amazon listings here.

Can I connect multiple Amazon listings to the same Brightpearl product?

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon listings from the same integration to the same product in Brightpearl.

However, please note that It is not possible to auto-connect by SKU in these cases. You will have to manually search and connect the product to any additional listings. Learn more about connecting Amazon listings here.

What is the maximum supported number of listings?

Listings are obtained by Amazon in the form of a "file". We can support a maximum file size of 50mb, which translates to roughly 100,000 listings per marketplace.

Syncing inventory to Amazon

How often does inventory update?

An inventory update is sent to Amazon when a listing is first connected, when the on hand level of a product changes, or when inventory syncing is enabled after being disabled.

There is also a bulk reconciliation every night.

Can I trigger a bulk inventory update to Amazon?

Yes, you can deactivate and reactive the inventory sync in your marketplace settings.

Why is my inventory being updated incorrectly on my EU marketplaces?

When we send an Inventory Feed to Amazon, we send the Amazon SKU (e.g. SPK24-001-22). In the Europe region, Amazon matches that SKU across all marketplaces in the Europe region.

What this means is that regardless of what marketplace ID is actually sent, all marketplaces will be updated with this figure.

If you want different warehouses to supply the same product across different EU marketplaces, you should avoid using the same SKU in those marketplaces.

Note that SKUs cannot be changed in Amazon without relisting (and losing all history), and you would need to manually connect the product to any listings where the Amazon SKU does not match the product's SKU.

Amazon customers

Why have I lost customer data?

Amazon's Data Protection Policy requires Amazon customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be obfuscated after it is no longer necessary to fulfill orders. This means that 30 days after an Amazon order is fulfilled or cancelled, any PII on the customer record and associated orders will be removed.

Is it possible to track customers who buy from both Amazon and another channel?

Due to Amazon's Data Protection Policy, it's not possible to keep records of customers who have bought from Amazon.

Amazon orders

Is it possible to download historic Amazon orders?

Amazon will only download orders that are placed after the integration date, so historical orders cannot be imported.

If someone orders a number of different items does it create a separate order for each one rather than combining them on one order?

It creates a single order.

Fulfillment of Amazon orders

What happens if I ship an order in Brightpearl which has already been marked as shipped in Amazon?

If you've marked an order as shipped in Amazon then ship the goods out note in Brightpearl, Brightpearl will upload a new shipping date to Amazon, overriding the existing one.

Note that this may cause Amazon shipping rules to be broken which may lead to your account being suspended, so be sure to disable shipping updates in the marketplace settings if you need to mark orders shipped in Brightpearl that are already shipped in Amazon.

Is there a "continue selling when out of stock" setting for Amazon?

No, Amazon doesn't allow selling inventory you don't have in on hand.

When the on hand inventory level in Brightpearl reaches zero, Amazon will be informed and you will be hidden as a seller of the item as per their rules. When the on hand inventory level then increases in Brightpearl, Amazon will be updated and you will reappear as a seller of the item.

Amazon payments and fees

With a single bank transfer into my account, how does Brightpearl know which Amazon sales to match to?

Amazon provide a payment report every time they transfer the money. The report provides a full breakdown of the orders and fees paid. Brightpearl downloads the report and uses it to mark the orders as paid.

Note that the Amazon settlement report must be provided in XML format, which you will have to request from Amazon.

Supported Amazon services

What Amazon services does Brightpearl support?

Brightpearl supports the following services:

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings
  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) listings
  • Amazon Prime (Seller Fulfilled via a shipment management system)
  • B2B orders

Will Amazon Subscribe & Save work with Brightpearl?

Brightpearl does not currently support Amazon Subscribe & Save. If you offer this service the repeat orders will not download into Brightpearl.

This is due to the length of time the repeat orders remain on a pending status waiting for approval from the customer - Brightpearl will only watch a pending order to move to ready for so long in order to prevent the download list from being clogged up and new orders being prevented from downloading.

If you are using this Amazon feature, or planning to start, please contact your account manager to discuss potential options.

Do you currently support orders made through the Amazon Vine program?

Not at this time.

The Amazon Vine Programme doesn't provide full customer details to merchants, which means we are not able to import these orders.

Do you integrate with Amazon's webstore?

The Amazon integration is designed to work only with Amazon marketplaces. If you also have an Amazon webstore we would be interested in talking to you to learn more about how to handle those orders.

Other FAQs

We are selling on Amazon in the US and thinking of selling in the UK or EU too. Will we need to set up separate products with new SKUs, even if we're selling the same thing?

You do not need to set up new product records for the same SKUs. When configuring your marketplaces, you can choose which warehouse to use for your inventory levels and for allocating orders.

Do all communications from Amazon come into Brightpearl?

Communications through Amazon do not transfer to Brightpearl, and communications made in Brightpearl do not transfer to Amazon.

Communications sent to the Amazon email address through Brightpearl will not reach the customer. All communication should be sent through Amazon Seller Central.

Which APIs does the Amazon connector use?

The Amazon connector uses the following APIs:


  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Feeds


  • Feeds
  • Fulfillment Outbound Shipment
  • Subscriptions
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