FAQs about Amazon

Will Amazon Subscribe & Save work with Brightpearl?

Brightpearl does not currently support Amazon Subscribe & Save. If you offer this service the repeat orders will not download into Brightpearl. This is due to the length of time the repeat orders remain on a pending status waiting for approval from the customer - Brightpearl will only watch a pending order to move to ready for so long in order to prevent the download list fro being clogged up and new orders being prevented from downloading. If you are using, or planning to start using this Amazon feature please contact success@brightpearl.com and discuss your requirements with one of our Customer Success Managers.

Is it possible to trigger a full inventory update on Amazon?

Yes, by deactivating and reactivating the inventory sync from within the Amazon marketplace settings in Brightpearl. This will upload all current on hand quantities for all listings which are connected to Brightpearl products.

Go to Channel > Amazon > Settings to change the inventory sync settings.

Additionally, if products are connected to Amazon listings, we will update stock levels when any inventory related settings are changed. So your stock availability will now be updated when these settings are changed, when you turn off inventory sync and on again, as well as when on hand inventory levels change and your listings are disconnected and reconnected.

If you wish to manually trigger an inventory update as a one-off using this setting change, then we would recommend doing this during quiet hours and waiting for up to an hour for the trigger to finish updating stock levels.

What happens if I ship an order in Brightpearl which has already been marked as shipped in Amazon?

If this happens then Brightpearl will upload a new shipping date to Amazon, overriding the shipping date in Amazon. You should be sure when doing this that it will not cause Amazon shipping rules to be broken as this may lead to your account being suspended.

Is there a "continue selling when out of stock" setting for Amazon?

No, this is not supported by the Amazon integration. When the on-hand inventory level in Brightpearl reaches zero this will be uploaded to Amazon and you will be hidden as a seller of the item as per Amazon's rules. When the on-hand inventory level increases above zero in Brightpearl Amazon will be updated and you will reappear as a seller of the item on Amazon.

I list a single product on Amazon multiple times, they each have different ASINs. But in Brightpearl I consider them all the same product and have only one product record. Can I connect multiple Amazon ASINs to one Brightpearl SKU?

Yes, you can connect multiple Amazon listings from the same integration to the same product in Brightpearl. It is not possible to auto-connect by SKU in these cases since Brightpearl only works with unique SKUs. You will have to manually search and connect the product to any additional listings.

We are selling as an Amazon Vendor in the US and thinking of selling as on Seller Central in the UK/EU. Because the SKUs may be the same, how will this be handled, as inventory will be in two different physical locations?

SKUs need to be the same. You are connecting the very same products to both the US and UK accounts. You choose which warehouse to synchronize with each account on the sales channel (Amazon marketplace setup) in Brightpearl.

How do we deal with Amazon history as we've been entering everything manually at this point. Would love to bring the history forward if possible?

Amazon will only download orders that are placed after the integration activation date/time. Historical data cannot be imported. Only orders placed after the activation date/time will be imported. If you’ve been entering your orders into Brightpearl manually you don’t need to do anything, the orders are all there, they won’t download and create duplicates.

Can it handle non EU sales that have 0% VAT?

Using tax zones you can specify that a particular code is used for countries falling into a particular zone.

If someone orders a number of different items does it create a separate order for each one rather than combining them on one order?

It creates a single order.

What is the maximum supported number of listings?

Listings are obtained by Amazon in the form of a "File". We can support a maximum file size of 20mb, which translates to roughly 20,000 listings.

Does it connect to Amazon's webstore?

The Amazon integration is designed to work only with Amazon marketplaces. If you also have an Amazon webstore we would be interested in talking to you to learn more about how to handle those orders.

After Brightpearl is connected is it the case that it automatically downloads the Amazon listings and then we can match them?

Yes, active Amazon listings will appear in Brightpearl ready to be connected to products. If a product already exists with a matching SKU it will connect when the listing downloads. If the product doesn't have a matching SKU or doesn't exist you can then connect them manually one by one or in batches from within Brightpearl.

Regarding the merge customer feature - does Brightpearl notify you if you have the same person based on addresses? Otherwise, how do you know?

Brightpearl does not warn of duplicated customers. When an order downloads it checks for an existing customer using the email address. If that customer has multiple records, perhaps where they've ordered via different channels, like eBay or you've created them manually, you can merge them. Amazon provide only the user Amazon email not the customer's real email address, so it will always be different from other channels. If you merge these duplicated contacts it will still match the order to the retained contact as long as the Amazon email address is retained in the customer email 1, 2 or 3 fields. Note that other sales channels will only check field 1.

What does it cost to integrate?

You need to have the Brightpearl ecommerce connector enabled if you haven’t already. You can find details of the pricing here for the ecommerce bundle, which includes all marketplace connectors. It is not per connector. Sounds good right?

Is there an option for image handling to Amazon?

Unlike eBay where you create your own listing, Amazon have set listings and you specify that you are selling the item. So each listing will have many suppliers to choose from.When you list an item you first look for the product and then specify that you are selling one. The images are already there. Of course there will be times when the product doesn't exist on Amazon. You can create one from scratch and upload images straight into Amazon. They will check they are happy with the listing before putting it live.

How do you know if a customer has bought from two channels without having to recognize the name?

If a customer has bought from separate channels and they have the same email address then the same customer record is used. However, Amazon does not provide the customer's real email address, they provide their Amazon user email...so they will always have a new customer record created from Amazon. There is no way of automatically recognizing that it's the same person...you could never be certain even by looking at the name yourself.

For the customer merge, what criteria will it use if Amazon hide the real email address?

Merging uses only the info you have in Brightpearl. You have to manually choose which contacts you want to merge. It will not happen automatically. Every time an order downloads from Amazon it looks for this Amazon email address so you do need to make sure it is retained on the customer record.

Will we be able to book out Amazon orders through a Parcelforce integration?

All orders need to be processed through Brightpearl. If you have integrated a shipping application you can use that to ship. Once the order is updated by the shipping app it will then update Amazon. But all orders need to downloaded and completed in Brightpearl.

How do I create a new listing on Amazon from Brightpearl?

The integration does not create listings on Amazon. Listing must be made directly in Amazon.

So all Amazon orders will result in new customer ID because of the Amazon email address, correct?

The Amazon email address is the same every time the customer buys, so each one of their orders will go against the same contact record.

Do all communications from Amazon come through and if so to where?

Communications through Amazon do not transfer to Brightpearl. And communications made in Brightpearl do not transfer to Amazon. Communications sent to the Amazon email address through Brightpearl will not reach the customer. You should send comms in Amazon. They have strict content control.

Is the customer merge facility automatic - how would we know if they've bought from two channels?

It is not automatic. You would have to first recognize that 2 contacts are definitely the same person and then manually merge them. The details from one contact will be transferred from one to the other...as long as the Amazon email is retained in email fields 1, 2 or 3 orders will continue to match to the customer. Unfortunately Amazon will not provide the real customer email so there's no way for us to automatically identify that the customer has purchased elsewhere.

We have a problem with order status not connected with Magento, how can we be confident that they connect with Amazon?

Amazon order statuses are not manually mapped like they are with Magento. The shipping update is the only status which is changed and works off the shipping status of each line item on an order. It is not related to order statuses.

What sort of info does Amazon insist on being provided for each product?

Condition, price, quantity. Not a great deal when you're listing an existing ASIN. Unlike eBay where you create your own listing, you search for a product and say you have one of those to sell. So each listing has many suppliers to choose from.

Is there a quick way to upload products to Amazon?

Amazon provide their own import routines and spreadsheets, which can be complicated to get started with. Alternatively you can list one-by-one in Seller Central. It is not possible to list from Brightpearl.

With a single bank transfer into my account, how does Brightpearl know which Amazon sales to match to?

Amazon provide a payment report every time they transfer the money. This gives a full breakdown of the orders and fees paid. This downloads to Brightpearl automatically to mark all the orders as paid. Matching to the "customer ref" field in Brightpearl where the Amazon order ID is stored. Note that the Amazon payment report MUST be provided in XML format, which you will have to request from Amazon.

Does Amazon FBA work with Brightpearl?


What happens if my customer doesn't provide me with full contact details?

We will download the order to Brightpearl once it is no longer pending in Amazon. Any missing contact details will be replaced with 'Amazon Customer' for customer name, 'XXXXX' for zip codes and other address details.

Do you currently support orders made through the Amazon Vine Programme?

Not at this time, as the Amazon Vine Programme doesn't provide full customer details to sellers we are not able to import these orders.

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