Amazon refunds, returns and exchanges

Refunds, returns and exchanges for both Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sales are handled the same way in Brightpearl

Important: Brightpearl does not download any refund or returns information from Amazon, so all returns and refunds need to be processed separately in both systems.

The refund or return must be processed in Amazon to ensure the customer is informed and refunded their money.

A sales credit must be entered into Brightpearl to ensure that your records are up to date, as well as make the appropriate inventory and accounting adjustments.

Whether the situation calls for a refund, return or exchange, the first step is creating a sales credit.

Learn more about the general principles behind refunds, returns and exchanges here.

Creating a sales credit

The easiest way to create the sales credit is to clone the sales order to a credit:

  1. Search for and open the original sales order containing the items to be credited or returned. Alternatively, a credit can be started from Sales > New Credit .
  2. Select the lines that are being credited, or returned. Note that quantities can be edited directly on the credit later.
  3. Click the Clone to Sales Credit button just above the line items.


Learn more about creating sales credits.

Processing a refund

With a refund, you are returning money to the customer, whether for the entire value of their order or just a portion.

The value of the sales credit must match the value of the amount being refunded.

The sales credit should be marked as invoiced once it has been marked as refunded.

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Processing a return

A return is processed identically to a refund, with the additional step of receiving the inventory back into stock.

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Processing an exchange

If the customer would like a replacement item sent out, the way to handle it depends on what records you want to keep for reporting purposes. In both cases you would create a sales credit before proceeding.

Full history

If you want to keep a full history of the exchange process, you should process a return, then clone the sale to a new sales order and fulfill the sales order as usual.

The sales credit and new sales order may both be at zero value (assuming no refund was issued and the new item is the same value as the old item), or they can both be for full value and allocated against one another.

History not required

If you don't need a full history on the customer account, or you're happy to do this with notes, a simple like-for-like exchange can be done with no extra work required in Brightpearl.

However, the returned item might not always be a goods as new, so you will therefore need to consider the changes to your inventory value and level. Inventory corrections can be done to remove the replacement item from stock at cost and a correction done to add the returned item at cost.

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