Product management with Amazon

Brightpearl is not offer listing publication functionality and editing product details in Brightpearl will not push through to Amazon.

Adding a new product

When you need to add new items to Amazon you will need to list the item directly with Amazon.

You then have two options:

  • Wait for the listing to download into Brightpearl and create the product using the listing
  • Manually create the product in Brightpearl with a matching SKU so that the listing can be connected to it

If the product is added in Brightpearl with the same SKU before the listing downloads it will all connect up automatically.


Amazon supports the use of variants within some categories, such as sizes and colors for clothing. On the front end of Amazon, the end customer will see a single page where they will be able to select which variant they want from a drop-down.


However, the variants will download as individual listings into Brightpearl.

These individual listings can then be connected to the relevant variant product in Brightpearl. It remains a one-listing-to-one-product connection and works in the same way any individual listing would.

Variants in Brightpearl cannot be created from Amazon listings. If the listing is used to create the product, the options will simply be in the product name. It is best practice to add the product range with all the variants from within Brightpearl and then to connect them to the listings using SKUs.



Amazon will allow you to list multiple items together for some categories. This is still classed as a single listing with a single price, but the name and description includes multiple items.

The availability displayed on the listing is for the items when purchased together and not individually. It is not possible to sell the items individually, unless separate and unrelated listings are created. These will have their own price and availability.


In this example, both bike lights can be purchased for £19.99.

These types of “bundled” listings will download into Brightpearl as a single item (with a single ASIN) that can either be connected to a Brightpearl product (which describes multiple items) or a Brightpearl bundle.

A Brightpearl bundle is created by grouping the individual products. This allows each individual product to have its own record, price, name and inventory level, but to be sold as part of a pack, or kit which has a single price.

Connect bundle to listing Yes
Inventory sync Yes
Price sync Yes
Order download Yes
Stock allocated to orders Yes
Shipment update


The entire bundle is marked as shipped when a single component is shipped in Brightpearl.

Note: Brightpearl bundles need to be created and managed within Brightpearl, and cannot be created from a listing.

Inventory management

A listing can be connected to a bundle in Brightpearl. We will update the availability for your listing in Amazon based on the on hand levels for each individual bundle component. Learn more about how bundle availability is calculated here.


Shipping bundled items will update the order in Amazon.

It's possible for an Amazon order to be split into multiple shipments in Brightpearl. If items within the same bundle are sent in different shipments, the whole bundle on Amazon will be marked as shipped when the first item is shipped in Brightpearl.

Price management

Brightpearl manages the prices for Amazon listings connected to Brightpearl products.

The price is taken from the price of the product on the price list assigned to the Amazon marketplace under Channels > Amazon > Settings.

The price is synchronized on the next change to the product and not when the listing is connected. A price update message can be triggered by re-saving the product. A product import will have the same effect if you include the price list column, even if there is no change to the price.

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