Product management with Amazon

The Connecting Brightpearl & Amazon documentation guides you through connecting all your listings and products. Here you can find help with managing your products going forward, adding new products and editing existing products. As with all Brightpearl integrations it is important that you always use unique SKUs for each different product and that the same SKU is used for each system that product exists in, in this case the same SKU must be used in Amazon as in Brightpearl to maintain a connection. As long as the products are connected SKU-to-SKU Brightpearl will manage the item availability and price on Amazon as well as add and allocate the product to downloaded sales orders.

Adding a new product

When you need to add new items to Amazon you will need to list the item directly with Amazon.

You then have two options. The first is to wait for the listing to download to Brightpearl and then create the product using the listing. The other option is to manually add the product in Brightpearl with a matching SKU so that the listing can be connected to it.

Remember, if the product is added in Brightpearl with the same SKU before the listing downloads it will all connect up automatically.


Listings of variants will display as separate listings in Brightpearl and will need to be connected to the relevant product. Creating products from variant listings will not create the associated option and option value data in Brightpearl. If you wish to use the variant management and create a product group within Brightpearl the recommended option is to first create the variants in Brightpearl and connect the listings SKU-to-SKU.


Where multiple items are contained in a single listing on Amazon you are likely to want to stock tracked the items individually within Brightpearl. A single listing is downloaded which can be connected to a bundle in Brightpearl.

Editing/deleting/disconnecting products

A listing is visible in Brightpearl as long as it exists in your Amazon seller account. Even if the listing has zero quantity or is inactive it will remain visible in Brightpearl. 

Listings can be disconnected from Brightpearl products individually, or in batches. Disconnecting a product will not remove the listing from Amazon; it will still be displayed in Brightpearl.

Brightpearl products cannot be deleted once any inventory has been added against it, but if it is deleted any associated listing will simply be disconnected.

Price management

The price is managed by the Brightpearl product, taken from the price list that is assigned to that Amazon marketplace in the settings area of Brightpearl.

The price is synchronized on the next change to the product and not when the listing is connected. A price update message can be triggered by re-saving the product. A product import will have the same effect if you include the price list column, even if there is no change.

Inventory management

The item availability is managed by the on-hand inventory level for the Brightpearl product, for the warehouse that is assigned to that Amazon marketplace in the settings area of Brightpearl.

Where inventory syncing is activated, the current on-hand quantity will be uploaded to Amazon, and override the Amazon quantity, at the point the product is first connected to the listing. When the on-hand inventory levels subsequently change, the Amazon availability will be updated for connected listings.

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