Transferring data to IRIS

It's quite likely that your accountant will be using software called IRIS to produce your year-end results. This page is for the accountant.

Your IRIS system will have its own code structure, which is different from Brightpearl. We have an extra field in the chart of accounts nominal code setup to support your IRIS "Map code".

This enables your accountant to export a trial balance with these codes instead via a couple of ways:

  1. Show map codes in the trial balance report
  2. Run a mapped trial balance report

Show map codes in the trial balance report

Go to Reports > Trial Balance . Check the box Show map codes  box within the Show filter screen.

This will show your full trial balance report, with an extra column for your mapped codes:


Mapped trial balance report

Go to Reports > More > Mapped trial balance.

This will show you a Trial Balance report containing those accounts that have mapped codes. If any accounts do not have mapped codes, then they won't be shown in this report and you will see a message at the top of the report stating the fact, and their balances will be combined into one "Unmapped" row:


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