Sales tax reports

The sales tax reports provide a view of sales tax data to assist you with completing your tax returns. All tax codes are displayed; tax regimes do not currently apply to these reports.

Sales tax report

Find this report at Reports > Sales tax.

This report displays net and tax values for both sales and purchases.

  • Tax code

    The tax by tax code section displays all net and tax amounts for the tax components within each tax code, with an overall total for each code.

  • Tax component

    The tax by tax component section displays all net and tax amounts for each tax code grouped by tax component, with an overall total for each component.


You are able to see the net and sales tax per component and the total for each tax code.

Sales tax detail report

Find this report at Reports > Sales tax detail.

When dealing with large amounts of data we recommend exporting the report. The report will be requested as a background task to allow you to continue working. When your report is ready it can be downloaded from Background tasks in your user menu.


The sales tax detail report lists all items from invoiced sales and credits with the following information: 

  • Order ID
  • Company name
  • Origin city and state (taken from the order warehouse address)
  • Destination city and state (taken from the delivery address on the order)
  • Item SKU and name
  • Net amount
  • Tax amount
  • Tax code


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