URI syntax

All Brightpearl API URIs, with the exception of the authenticate message, follow the same syntax:


Variable Value
datacenter The datacenter your account is located in
account-id Your account ID (e.g. mycompanyapitest)
service A name for a logical grouping of functionality (e.g. warehouse for stock control and warehouse management)
resource-path The resource (in the RESTful sense of the word) you want to manipulate

Example: Get contact with ID 500 from my brightpearlapiaccountid


Broken down that is:

  • datacenter = euw1 or use1
  • account-id = brightpearlapiaccountid
  • service = contact
  • resource-path = /contact/500

Your URI Prefix

The first portion of the URI, up to, but not including the service name, is referred to as your URI prefix. Most of the API documentation will specify URIs relative to this prefix.

API domain via OAuth

If you authenticate with OAuth, the API domain you are given when authenticating should be the definitive value. It allows use to update API endpoints, and move accounts between datacenters without you needing to update code. The OAuth mechanism is due to be updated to use the brightpearlconnect.com domain in the near future.


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